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  1. Jamesdl

    External card reader

    Thanks for that, I'll give it a whirl!
  2. Jamesdl

    [SUCCESS] Macboy123s Coffee Lake i7 8700K, Gigabyte Z370 Aorus UG, 16GB RAM, 2x SSD, Zotac GTX 1080

    Hi Macboy, By coincidence, I have a similar build (processor, mobo and graphics) which is still being refined. The Thunderbolt card is not working properly in OS X yet and I have little glitches such as USB power to external hard drives when the system is powered off. I'll try your plist and...
  3. Jamesdl

    External card reader

    I was wondering if there are any suggested external card readers for SD and compact flash cards. I am guessing USB 3.0 vs USB c would be more reliable with a hackintosh build, but maybe not. Certainly - something with a cable as my desktop is not close by for plugging and unplugging in devices...
  4. Jamesdl

    Best Single Slot Low Profile GPU for a Kaby Lake Sierra build?

    Thanks for posting so much about your case / graphics combo. I have been lurking for months and am preparing to put together a similar build in Australia depending on which parts I can source.