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  1. alex_tzardea

    alex_tzardea, you do not have permission to access this page. WTF

    Hey,i was wondering,why i can't enter this page?
  2. alex_tzardea

    Site Usability

    Well,i would like to ask if ure still working at the website,as for now it has a lot of bugs . Although i like the new interface, i liked the old site for 2 main reasons: 1.It worked as it supposed to 2.I liked that clicking on my posts i could see if replies were posted on that specific topic...
  3. alex_tzardea

    Kernel Cache in ML-does it work for you?Not for me :(

    Hello everybody,i finally updated to ML and all working as it should,with some small exceptions.First thing i noticed is that the 2500K will not work @stock freq w/o SSDT,as some users stated,and,more important,Kernel Cache doesn't properly work.The issue i have is that my hard drives are still...
  4. alex_tzardea

    Sound assertion ERROR:EFI ROM did not publish 'had-gfx'....

    Booting in verbose mode,this seems to be the single error i get... What does it mean,and how this error affects my system?thanks! IMG_1547.JPG
  5. alex_tzardea

    Are they selling free software?! (Germany)

    That's the latest spam i got this morning:
  6. alex_tzardea

    [SOLVED] Setup check and advice

    Re: Setup check and advice No,it's as easy as following THIS tutorial: For SL: ... -x-on.html For Lion: ... using.html F1,F3,ecc stand for BIOS version,if you have bios F1 you need DSDT for BIOS F1 1x8 GB RAM or 2x4...
  7. alex_tzardea


    So, after many,many attempts i still didn't manage to get my audio fully working.I own a GA-Z68AP-D3,bios version F4+F4 DSDT.I installed ALC8xxHDA&AppleHDARollback with latest Multibeast.I'm on 10.7.1,there are others reporting working audio but they have either different OS version either...
  8. alex_tzardea


    After an easy,flawless install of Lion,i still can't make my system run as it should. My steps were this: 1.Boot Lion Installer USB(made with xMove a while ago in SL) with rBoot CD and no flags 2.Lion setup works,clean install@full rez 3.Once completed,i download(ethernet working already)...
  9. alex_tzardea

    Better XFX HD 6870 or Saphire HD 6870?

    As i am going to order some new parts these days,i'm not sure yet how should i choose.These two cards are both confirmed working on Wiki in SL,but not in Lion.Of course,there are others reporting success(and failure) enabling QE/CI on the forum. This are the 2 models: 1...
  10. alex_tzardea

    advice please on cheapest build

    I'm on Lion 10.7.1 all working with: 1.Asus P5QPL-AM(no dsdt,shutdown,restart,sleep working oob;audio and ethernet working with proper kexts,available) 2.Intel Quadcore Q6600 3.ATI HD 4850 Dual DVI 512 MB(both dvi working@full rez);u could use nvidia gt220 too 4.kingston ddr2 ram 4gb...
  11. alex_tzardea

    (SOLVED)AppSore Blocked on 10.6.8

    Hy everyone.Today,after cloning my working MacOS 10.6.7 install,i updated to 10.6.8.After small video issues,it's all working now!At least,this is how it seems... I opened AppStore to see if any changes are visible...all looked the same,but when i tried to install a free app,i was not able to...
  12. alex_tzardea

    ATI HD 5670(68D8) OS X 10.6.7 HELP!

    So,my problem is this: I have an ATI HD 5670 512 MB GDDR5,drivers installed and chimera 1.1 as bootloader,works,but not 100%.The thing is,if i boot with GraphicsEnabler=No,my system recognizes the GPU as an ATI HD 5000 Series,both my displays work at full rezolution(see sig) and i am able to...