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  1. citizen7

    10.12.6 security update ... boot to black screen issues. 980TI, iGFX, etc

    I installed the latest security update and totally toasted my main system. never had an issue before with those, so I was caught unprepared, it seems like the system still loads all the way in, only no GFX out .... any help please?
  2. citizen7

    Mavericks on Sandy Bridge GA-z68x-ud5-b3 + GTX 480 ...fear of upgrade, your thoughts

    Hi all, I have been running a really stable LION 10.7.4 install for about two years now. This is my main work system, it runs a daily backup from SSD-> HD partition daily, and I use it for all my work, seven mail accounts +, lightroom, photoshop, web etc. I just bought a 240GB samsung SSD...
  3. citizen7

    graphics card - best dual monitor

    ok, I have a asus silent 210, which according to the wiki works oob dual display, however I can not for the life of me get mine to detect my second display. I have a sapphire 2gb 6950 at home that I could flash (or not) and bring here to swap out, although the probability of dual loveliness for...
  4. citizen7


    10.7.1 is all good and happy, although I am experiencing poor stability issues...wondering what can be done, as this is a "work" comp. and not much good to me with such limited uptime's...any one have any thoughts?