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  1. pthudo

    Xps 8700

    Did you install OXs 10.9 on Dell XPs 8700 ? i 'll try install late,do it work let me known,thank you.
  2. pthudo

    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    When you boot with -x -v -f then enter i think it will work,good luck
  3. pthudo

    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    Hi try boot few time from usb with that -v -x -f it will work,good luck
  4. pthudo

    Dell xps 8500 installation problem

    Here the link how to set up,have fun guy and have good a day.
  5. pthudo

    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    Hi, I followed exact instruction and is working on 10.8.4 However, when upgrading from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4, some thing can not be boot up. try boot -v -x then fix kext few time Safe mode works. Just want to let you guys know upgrade to 10.8.4. wifi still not working, Have a good day.
  6. pthudo

    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    Hi,just follow post here set up ML 10.8.3,anything work good only wifi not work,i'm try update to 10.8.4 then let your guy to known late,thank you.