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  1. DrBEN

    My kingdom for a graphics card

    It's the bitcoin mining craze. There are now many very large "mining farms" with hundreds of GPUs each. We have several in the Québec province of Canada because we have the lowest electricity prices in North America. Mining is very energy intensive and is not profitable for individuals on a...
  2. DrBEN

    Thermaltake replacement parts?

    Try eBay. $19.99
  3. DrBEN

    So about motherboards

    When I was looking for a board, I found that the comparison tool on the Gigabyte site was very helpful. I soon realized that there are "clusters" of similar boards that are basically the same but vary for certain details. The comparison tool makes it possible to list side-by-side all the specs...
  4. DrBEN

    [Solved] my clock shows wrong time every time I switch from OSX to WIN10

    You need to make a correction in Windows.
  5. DrBEN

    Sub $500 build for my sister. Details inside.

    I second the suggestion that you read the following budget guide: It is a complete, detailed build guide that explains what to do and why while keeping the cost around $400.
  6. DrBEN

    Compatibility - H110M-A and RX 460 LP

    There's a successful build user guide with the H110M-A that uses a GTX 650 video card: You might also want to compare the H110M-A and the H110M-H. They are very similar but the -A...
  7. DrBEN

    Easy questions.

    You should not run into any major problems with that board. There are a couple of successful builds for that board using Sierra. The same person has an earlier guide for El Capitain on that MOBO.
  8. DrBEN

    Proposed mATX build

    I had trouble finding an H170 and finally settled for a Gigabyte H110M-H for US$60 to use for a very basic mATX build (Internet browsing, YouTube, email, limited word processing, iPhoto, no gaming).
  9. DrBEN

    Can't Find a Place to Buy My Chosen Motherboard

    Board manufacturer's have now brought out the Z270X MOBO series, which are designed specifically to work well with the i7 Kabylake processors. The Z170Xboards already in the sales distribution pipeline cannot run an i7-7700 with the factory BIOS on the board. However, Gigabyte has a BIOS to...
  10. DrBEN

    Can't Find a Place to Buy My Chosen Motherboard

    Sorry, I installed El Capitain and am not ready to update to Sierra. There are a couple of successful builds for that board using Sierra. The same person has an earlier guide for El Capitain on that MOBO.
  11. DrBEN

    Can't Find a Place to Buy My Chosen Motherboard

    If you use a Gigabyte z170x board, you must update the BIOS before installing an i7 processor. You cannot update the BIOS unless you have 6th generation CPU (i3 or i5) already installed. I have the UD3 (not the UD3 Ultra) and it is a fine board. There are very few differences between the two...
  12. DrBEN

    mATX budget build

    You're probably right about the SSD. I've been debating the question with myself. I just looked up the current prices and found two SSDs for about $90 each. One is a Samsung Evo with 256GB and the other is a Crucial with 275GB. I have had a larger, external, Crucial for over two years as a...
  13. DrBEN

    mATX budget build

    Thanks for the reply.
  14. DrBEN

    mATX budget build

    After seeing my ATX Customac Pro build, my daughter wants me to build a computer for her. However, she doesn't need much. Her uses will be Web surfing, iTunes, YouTube, Skype, Twitter, email, iPhoto, Microsoft Office. She is NOT a gamer. With that in mind, how do the following specs look. (The...
  15. DrBEN

    Why is it only Corsair Power supplies are recomended here?

    Review results are are often negatively skewed because satisfied users are less likely too leave comments. Actually 46 low reviews out of 688 is not bad. I recently bought a laser printer that got rave reviews from printer experts. I've had it for 3 months and am thrilled with its performance...
  16. DrBEN

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE in hands

    The Gigabyte GC-Alpine Ridge card I ordered on eBay from in Germany arrived today. It took me a LONG time to find one but patience paid off. "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause."
  17. DrBEN

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE in hands

    I just ordered a new one on eBay from seller "" in Germany. He now has 8 available. Delivery in one week, free shipping. AS OF...
  18. DrBEN

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE in hands

    Malabs ships only to the U.S. I'll be watching the other two and hope they will soon have stock. Thanks
  19. DrBEN

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE in hands

    @jdizzle I'm in Canada.
  20. DrBEN

    GC-ALPINE RIDGE in hands

    It's back in stock now at (and their other addresses). I tried to order one but they wrote to me to say that delivery to CANADA is not possible and that they deliver only to the following addresses: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy...