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  1. DarfWeder

    Display Artifacts... or is it something you can fix easily yourself?

    I was lucky to score a HP Z27n with 2560x1440 resolution on A warehouse deal with minor scratches on back and bottom, plus on Prime Day another 20% off... score! Then after installation there was some weird artifacts in the display. Specially in blue bars or background I would notice...
  2. DarfWeder

    MSI Z77A-G45 16GB 250GB 840 Evo SSD GTX650 Ti 1GB.

    After years of service on Mountain Lion 10.9, decided at some point to start upgrading the OS. I had previously dabbled with a HP ProBook 4530S and gotten that to work but with the early days of Clover it was not getting easier to comprehend or do. thanks to TonyMac and crew, they've created a...
  3. DarfWeder

    Anyone using ProCutX for FCP X.

    Saw it in the App store, looks cool to have it on iPad to operate FCP on your MAC....!
  4. DarfWeder

    A gerenal guide to Haswell: Buyer beware.

    As I got your attention now with this title, I should explain why this title. I would say that most people who build Hackintoshes or PCs for that matter, thought that the 4th generation "Intel core i" processors were just merely somewhat faster, more economical in power consumption, and so...
  5. DarfWeder

    iMAC defs

    Can we get the list of system definitions updated? For instance the iMAC14,3 def is not present... Thanks
  6. DarfWeder

    DarfWeder's Thin MiniITX build: Asus H81T - i5-4570s - HD4600

    DarfWeder's Thin MiniITX Build: Asus H81T – Core i5-4570s - HD4600 Episode IV: A new hope Components Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9 @ Apple's App Store Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks - Apple Store (U.S.) Asus H81T LGA 1150 Intel H81 Thin MiniITX Intel Motherboard...
  7. DarfWeder

    Realtek 8111 onboard doesn't work w/ LNX2MAC on Asus H81T

    I have a fairly new motherboard, the Asus H81T. It has a Realtek RTL8111 NIC on it but OSX Mavericks 10.9.1 fails to see it and LNX2MAX driver also is not recognising it. What is weird is that DPCIManager does see it and all.... It shows it as Vendor 10EC Device 8168 Sub Vendor 1043 and Sub...
  8. DarfWeder

    BOOT1: ERROR after moving Chimera to EFI

    Hi, I'm trying to convince my latest stormtrooper ASUS H81T to play ball with OSX. It has a few issues, but this is work in progress. The issue at the moment is that it can't seem to boot from the EFI partition. I tried several things in the BIOS like setting the "Secure BIOS" option to...
  9. DarfWeder

    Thin miniItx build with Asus H81T and i5 4570s

    Decided to take the plunge and ordered the following: Case Lian Li PC-Q05A, extremely small but stylish! It's been on my radar for over a year... Motherboard Asus H81T. Although it has not been used for OS X, I hope to be able to get it to work. The audio and lan/nic are Realtek so that...
  10. DarfWeder

    Mac Mini with OSX Server, Cloud storage, Time Machine and iTunes server.

    I'm just toying with the idea to get a server as I would like to get a few things sorted. My hardware is pretty normal for a MAC household I think, although I probably am just the average Joe here. Macbook Pro, iPad 3, iPhone 3GS, 4S and 5, and the MAC PRO hack (my Obiwan Shinobi). What I...
  11. DarfWeder

    why would a MBP send data to Microsoft?

    Hi, something weird has been happening a few times now. At times, the outgoing traffic (I monitor in Activity Monitor) is sending loads of data out. That is a bit weird to me, and so I started to analyse what was happening. I don't have any MS product installed, not office, or Outlook, but...
  12. DarfWeder

    Do you sometimes forget your Hackintosh is not a REAL MAC?

    I recently just had this weird experience that behind my Hackintosh I just thought it was the real deal. Obviously it isn't but I caught myself in time to not press the Upgrade OS button in the App Store... sheesh! :D I'm so used to it all working, just like a real mac... unreal.
  13. DarfWeder

    Seagate ST series 1TB/plate firmware update for ST1000 ST2000 ST3000

    As an avid Seagate collector I was not impressed with my latest addition to the ever growing base of hdd's. I had bought the ST2000DM001 2TB drive. 7200 rpm, 64MB cache... just the way I like them. One thing that bothered me immensely was the occasional BEEP/crash sound it was producing...
  14. DarfWeder

    Alternative(s) to onboard LAN / NIC when WIRED ethernet is not working.

    This thread would not be to solve your problems with specific KEXTs, or with specific network interface devices, but rather to list alternatives known to work. In my case I was experiencing some issues and just could not get a stable network connection in the sense that sometimes it would...
  15. DarfWeder

    DarfWeder's Build: MSI Z77A-G45 i5-3570K 16GB HD4000

    DarfWeder's MSI Z77A-G45 i5-3570K 16GB GTX660-HD4000 Obi Wan Shinobi - MSI Z77A-G45 i5-3570K 16GB GTX 660 2GB 840 Evo 250GB Revenge of the Sith Components Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G45 [Amazon-de] CPU Intel Core i5-3570K...
  16. DarfWeder

    mSATA SSD in WWAN mini PCIe slot possible?

    Has anyone tried to put an mSATA SSD "drive" in the WWAN (full size) mini PCIe slot in the Probook 4530s? Is the drive then recognised? Are there restrictions like for the BT/Wifi card so it has to be some specific HP part (I guess not but you never know). How does one go about 'moving' the...
  17. DarfWeder

    Atheros AR9825 drops out

    Since a rather long time now the Probook with the Atheros combo card (wifi/bt) drops out on an almost daily/regular base. Sometimes a few times within minutes. When I click the airport util and reconnect (if I can see my WLAN) it works, but mostly have to turn the wireless off by using the...
  18. DarfWeder

    Smallest mac mini: mini itx in mac mini case?

    Yes, the goal: smallest mac possible. Would it be possible to build a mini itx mainboard into an apple mac mini case??? I've seen a build from Karacho (well, not SEEN but read about it) and don't like the case. It will have to go into a cabinet with a touchscreen in front of it or on top of...
  19. DarfWeder

    H/W video compression using Elgato turbo.264 HD USB dongle

    Hi, I have just gotten hold of the Elgato Turbo.264 HD USB dongle that can be used to do hardware compression of video files. First results seem to be pretty good. Considering the price of below 90 euros, I am happy so far. I had the choice or was looking at upgrading the i3-550 to an i7-870...
  20. DarfWeder

    Stability issues HP 4530s

    As you can see in my signature, I got a pretty bog standard 4530s. Core i3, 4GB memory, 500GB hdd plus a 320GB at the moment for Windows, no ATI gfx but the HD3000... so really... what can go wrong. Well, I notice stability issues. I know this is NOT a mac and I know also mac's have their...