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  1. Incredibile1213

    DP Audio work only when it wants....

    Hi, I have a strange problem in my third hack.... I'm using z370-hd3p, intel i7-8700k, GTX1080 I have ALC1220 and I use AppleALC with ID 1 or 11 and the PEG0 ssdt for nvidia. Sometimes after reboot I can see my monitor hdmi audio in system preferences>sound, but other times (often) I can't see...
  2. Incredibile1213

    Boot with an original macOS HD

    HI everybody..... Some times ago I asked what exactly Unibeast does..... But nobody answer with specific explanation... I was asking it because I would try to modify an current macOS Sierra MacBook Pro ssd, and try to boot my Hackintosh with it.... I suppose I have only to install clover...
  3. Incredibile1213

    Z270X-UD5 Ethernet

    Hi everybody.... Someone have any idea about how can I activate second Ethernet port in Z270X-UD5?I've tried in System Preferences, but it see two port as one :( Any idea? I'm using Sierra and IntelMausiEthernet.kext Thanks
  4. Incredibile1213

    Simple PowerMac G5 Modded to Hack

    Hi Today I'm going to talk about my last mod on a PowerMac G5. My target was to change less possible the magnifique G5 case. I get the case from a friend of mine: he wanted to trash it, because it doesn't work anymore. So I fitted the "new" PSU inside the original one. Let's start: I unmonted...
  5. Incredibile1213

    PowerMac G5 light mod

    Hi everybody, I'm going to mod an old G5 liquid edition in order to fit a z97-hd3 MB with an "old" i5-4690k processor.... My goal is to modify as little as possible this fantastic case. My specs will be very orrible, 'cause I'll use only found objects coming from old disassembled pc or ordered...
  6. Incredibile1213

    El Capitan - GT 730 blackscreen/KP during boot

    Hi everybody, I've two Hackintosh at home, with this configuration: Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H, Samsung SSD, Intel i5-4970k. One use GTX 970 without any problem(With nVidia Alternative Web Driver) I'm trying to setup a GT 730 ddr3 4Gb (Asus gt730-4gd3 - 128bit) in the second one. Reading on Web gt730...
  7. Incredibile1213


    Hi everybody, I'm going to build another hackintosh, This time a Z170 with skylake... I'm looking for the most compatible motherboard(easiest to install)....... And now I ask: What are all the problem that mb have? I know that ASMedia usb chipset many times causes problems, so I'll look for a mb...
  8. Incredibile1213

    What does Unibeast do

    What exactly does Unibeast do? Can somebody explain it? Thank you
  9. Incredibile1213

    [Success] i5-4690k GTX 970 GA-Z97-D3H 10.11.3 8GB Crucial Ram

    Hi Everybody, I'm here to share my hackintosh configuration and some hits. Unfortunately I can't remember and I don't have photos about installation, but I remember I used classic El Capitan Installation Guides. After Installation I copied EFI from USB Stick to my HD. In some months I...