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  1. cwith

    GTX 960s running in Mavericks and/or Yosemite?

    Hi all, was just wondering if anyone has got the brand new EVGA GTX 960 to run in a Mavericks or Yosemite build? This is the card I'm thinking about buying: note it will be used for 3D work so cuda is important to work as well...
  2. cwith

    Has anyone built a Blade Server hackintosh?

    Has anyone ever built a Hackintosh with a high-density server? Is it even possible? We are interested in something like these:
  3. cwith

    Clover won't autoboot even though timeout is 0

    Hey all, I just built a rig following shilohh's golden build. Everything works flawlessly, when I initially installed, Clover would autoboot. Now though, it does not, even though timeout is set to 0 in config.plist on my EFI partition. Any ideas why it's not autobooting? I don't want the gui...
  4. cwith

    Copying a pre-existing disk image to a hackintosh build

    The company I work for just had me build a sweet new Ivy Bridge-E rig following Shilohs golden builds guide. We haven't come to this point yet, but we have a disk image that has all of our applications installed and updated already (and there are a ton of apps with license keys, etc.).... I...
  5. cwith

    Anything special required to update X58A-UD3R rev 2 to 10.8.2 from 10.6.8?

    Are there any special steps that I need to adhere to for a clean upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion? On a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev 2.0? Thanks!
  6. cwith

    Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI not detecting GT610

    Hey all, so I had built a Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI, 4gb ram, Intel i5 and everything was working great with just onboard graphics. Decided to get a GT610 Synergy Edition ( ) With 10.8.3, even during boot up, no signal goes to...
  7. cwith

    Recent Nvidia Drivers?

    Have there been any recent Nvidia Drivers released since the second half of 2012? I'm running into some games not working on my 10.6.8 hackintosh. Using the official Nvidia OSX drivers I do believe. I'm having a hard time finding 'new' drivers, so I just wanted to double check if there were any...
  8. cwith

    No ACPI suspend setting, can't install on an Asus p8h61-m?

    Just seeing if anyone could help me out here, I have a build running on an Asus P8h61-m with an intel i5-2400.. I've done a number of hackintosh installations, but never on a SB build. I've been booting with Iboot-legacy and trying multiple combinations of busroutes (mostly all 28, as I've...