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  1. Albertsw

    Audio troubles

    Hello I have been having a strange audio issue on my hackintosh after I got my GTX 560(non ti) a few months ago. Sometimes after a reboot I don't have audio at all. The icon in the menu bar is greyed out and in system preferences under sound it would say something like "No Output Device". I...
  2. Albertsw

    oc'ing an i5 3750K?

    I run my 2500K at 4Ghz with the stock cooler. My temps are about 105°F usually. I think you will be fine doing it even though Ivy Bridge runs hoter so keep an eye on the temps.
  3. Albertsw

    best graphics cards for 150 bucks?!

    6850 or 550 ti.
  4. Albertsw

    Weird image after sleep

    Hi. I have an EVGA GTX 560 and there is this problem when the computer goes to sleep and I wake the it. The picture on screen moves and looks like static on an analog TV without signal. If I press a key on the space bar again it will ask me for my password like normal. I used to use Intel HD...
  5. Albertsw

    Odd stuff in console

    Hay In console on my comp it always says stuff like this over and over: May 22 17:44:46 Albert-Sws-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: W836x: found unsupported chip ID=0xb4 REVISION=0x73 May 22 17:44:46 Albert-Sws-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: F718x: Fintek: Found unsupported chip ID=0xb4 REVISION=0x73 May 22 17:56:52...
  6. Albertsw

    Samsung Blu-ray drive always seeking

    Hi I have a samsung Blu-Ray Combo drive and It blinks about 10 times every two minutes or so. I would like to know if I can make it stop doing this. :x . It doesn't do this when I'm running Ubuntu. [Amazon][Amazon] Thanks!!
  7. Albertsw

    Would either of these cards work?

    Hello. I am looking to add a GPU to my hackintosh. I am currently using intel HD 3000. I have found two cards that I like. XFX radeon 6850: ... B005NI5XSI And EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti FPB: ... =de_a_smtd Can someone...
  8. Albertsw

    small cheap GPU

    Hi I'm looking for a small GPU about 8 inches or less that would cost about $100-125. I would like dual displays and have it easy to setup or just work OOB. Thank you
  9. Albertsw

    TRIM on Crucial SSD

    Hi I have a 64 GB SSD from Crucial and i can't get TRIM enabled. I have runt TRIM enabler in multi beast and restarted but when I check in system information if it is enabled it says no. :banghead: Any ideas how to get it enabled?
  10. Albertsw

    Computer won't shutdown completely

    Hello, my mackintosh won't shut down right. When I press shut down from the apple menu it makes the monitor go black but the computers lights and fans stay on. I am using an Intel DZ68DB mobo without a DSDT. Any ideas?
  11. Albertsw

    enable i5 2500K turbo

    Hi I have a 2500K and turbo boost isn't working. I have tested it with several different apps and found that it doesn't go above 3.3Ghz. Turbo boost is turned on in my BIOS but it won't work. I have tried different system definitions but it still is the same. My current system definition is Mac...
  12. Albertsw

    DSDT for Intel DZ68DB

    Hi I can't seem to find a DSDT for my intel DZ68DB motherboard. If you know of one could you please tell me where I can find one. I am currently running Lion 10.7.3 Thank You :x
  13. Albertsw

    turbo boost on i5 2500K

    Hi I have an intel i5 2500K and and intel DZ68DB motherboard. I am trying to get turbo boost enabled because I don't think its Enabled by default. I also was not able to find a DSDT for my system. Any help getting turboboost would be appreciated. Thanks :headbang:
  14. Albertsw

    wifi not working: cisco WMP600N

    Hello. I have a Cisco-Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter with Dual-Band (WMP600N) wireless card and I can't get it to work with my otherwise perfect hackintosh. I have an i5 2500k and am using the integrated graphics. My motherboard is an intel dz68db. Thank You