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  1. pechspilz

    Bluetooth (BrcmPatchRAM) Problems - BCM43142A0 - Stuck in "MINIDRIVER complete" state - OC-0.6.4 Big Sur-11.1

    I too observed that firmware patching no longer worked after I upgraded to Big Sur. It all seems to go well until it tries to write the firmware. Same Kext was working nicely in the previous macOS version. Since it never receives the END_OF_RECORD event it looks like the problem is here...
  2. pechspilz

    How to perm disable WiFIAgent log spam

    Unfortunately came back after a while (wake after sleep?)
  3. pechspilz

    How to perm disable WiFIAgent log spam

    Uncheck "Enable location services" and "Find my mac" and reboot.
  4. pechspilz

    is macOS 10.15.1 update safe for Hackintosh? (clean with WEG 1.3.4)

    Happened to me as well. In my case, I had boot the Install-Data partition (should show up in Clover once you boot after starting the update) TWICE, not just once.
  5. pechspilz

    Black Screen After 10.10.3 update

    AFAIK Clover let's you only patch kext binaries or integer values in .plist's. I even checked the source code, there's no data-tag available for Info.plist patching.
  6. pechspilz

    How to Fix iMessage

    - Reading, reading, reading.... reading again - Made sure no values from previous experiments were being re-used - Unplugged the network cable until I was done - Checked with iMessageDebug after every reboot until everything seemed in the right place and static after every reboot - Used a...
  7. pechspilz

    How to Fix iMessage

    After reading the guide like 10 times and doing *exactly* what is says (which seemed to be the hardest part for me :)) I finally managed to get Messages running again using Clover! I didn't have to call Apple this time, it just worked. However, I called Apple once before a few months ago...
  8. pechspilz

    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Geekbench Benchmarks 4790k stock
  9. pechspilz

    Easy Yosemite Clover USB Installer

    Awesome, this works! Thanks man.
  10. pechspilz

    Clover - Screen goes black after "DSMOS has arrived"

    Same problem with Clover, same graphics card. Everything else is different.
  11. pechspilz

    Easy Yosemite Clover USB Installer

    I've been using Clover for Mavericks without any problems. Even with some of the early Yosemite Public Betas my Hack just worked fine. However, the official version doesn't. Once the Yosemite installer should come up with the graphic installer screen my monitor just goes into power save mode...
  12. pechspilz

    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    Article: Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues It's because Hackintoshes are being used to send iMessage spam and this is Apple's way to combat it. It will flag your Apple ID once you log into iMessage with a generated serial which is usually not a valid serial even if it looks legit.
  13. pechspilz

    Need a Good PCIe Network Adapter

    I got this one: It uses an Intel 82574L chip which is natively supported in OS X. However, you need an Injector since the native kext is limited to a certain vendor/device id. The Rosewill 64bit PCI-e NIC seems to be sold...
  14. pechspilz

    [Success] Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H i7-4770K GTX 650 Build

    How did you verify that the C-States are working? I've got the same board, different CPU though but the multiplier doesn't move which probably means speedstepping isn't kicking in at all.
  15. pechspilz

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Damn, my download speed sucks compared to upload!
  16. pechspilz


    It looks like my 6870 boots just fine with these settings in Chimera: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Duckweed</string> <key>AtiPorts</string> <string>4</string> This even worked with the installer, I didn't have to remove any kexts...
  17. pechspilz

    Asus' Thunderbolt add-in card, ASRock's Thunderbolt motherboard don't pass certification

    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. No Mac Pro until this is resolved.
  18. pechspilz

    Gigabyte's Z77X-UP5 TH verified to work with Thunderbolt devices in OS X

    Thats big news! Hopefully, the same level of compatibility will be achieved from cheaper main boards. The Z77X-UP5 TH is one expensive main board.
  19. pechspilz


    Oh I forgot: you'll need the Lnx2Mac drivers for Ethernet. Because I wanted native networking, I disabled the onboard NIC and replaced it with this one: Best Ethernet network adapter/NIC for a Hackintosh |
  20. pechspilz


    ASUS P6T (non-SE, non-Deluxe, non WS Pro... just the plain old P6T) DSDT is from FleeBailey (just leave all other stuff, most of it is outdated by now): The Flee's OSX86 Page: Update The 6xxx cards require some special attention...