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  1. dturro

    [Solved] i5 8400 UHD 630 Graphics acceleration Not working

    Hello guys, after a week of trying to get pass the installer screen, now I am faced with the new challenge, I have no graphics acceleration. I have read countless post and threads but not luck, I have tried everything possible from those many threads I have read, but I cannot get graphics...
  2. dturro

    [Solved] New hack fresh install doesn't pass the apple logo

    Hello guys, I recently bought new hardware to build my second hack, but unfortunately after 2/3 of the bar loaded the screen turns off, computer stays on. I have read every forum that has talked about similar issue but nothing seems to work for me I have put the Usb installer in the USB 2.0 for...
  3. dturro

    [Solved] Getting some text before the clover screen

    Hi guys, I just updated from Sierra to High Sierra, everything went smooth. I am getting some text right before the clover screen kind of annoying, is there any way I can get rid of this? o_O Here is a video of the issue and a screen picture.
  4. dturro

    [Solved] 10.12.4 Update update let me on black screen

    I tried to update today to the latest Sierra version and after the Hack restarted the first time it hanged on a black screen. I did not update clover before trying the update, I did not know this after I ran to this issue. I don't have the all USB Sierra installer so I attempted to create a new...
  5. dturro

    Cannot login automatically from clover

    Hi guys, i just did a fresh install to Sierra using clover 3726 since the latest crashed my computer and could not install at all. The only little problem that annoys me so far is that i cannot login into the macOS sierra SSD automatically, i have to click manually on the clover menu on it to be...
  6. dturro

    I Cannot Boot with out Multibeast USB stick (Help Please)

    Hello to everyone, first i would like to thank you all for keeping this great community alive, i love this forum since thanks to it i built my Hackintosh. But i bought the parts to make one for my girlfriend, the parts are exactly the same as the one for the mini custom pc on the forum from...
  7. dturro

    I cant get my PNY640 video card to work on my h87nwifi i5 4570 build

    So with the HD4600 onboard graphics i am able to boot 10.8.5, but when i install the video card doesnt work, not even in safe mode, any idea:banghead: Note: With the onboard graphics it boots "normally for exception of one thing that i cant figure out either, after the apple logo, instead of...
  8. dturro

    Compatibly i5 4430 without graphic card?

    Compatibility i5 4430 without graphic card? I've been looking around the forum, some says yes others no, could anyone tell for sure. My question is : is the i5 4430 on board graphic compatible with os without an addition of a graphic card? thanks guys in advance for the answer, and thank you to...
  9. dturro

    Successful 10.9.0 but HOME button does not appear on finder?????

    I installed 10.9.0 and everything is working perfect, one thing i noticed and it bothers me, when i opened Finder, the HOME button don't appear, what is the problem here guys, thanks in advance:banghead:
  10. dturro

    From 10.8.5 to 10.9

    Can i install from 10.8.5 to 10.9 directly from app updates on my hackintosh? without multibeast or any other software.
  11. dturro

    Any Idea why i cannot change desktop wallpaper?

    so i installed mountain lion 10.8.4 and everything is running fine, but i realized that i am not able to change the screen wallpaper, i mean, i do can, but after 2 or 3 days, some time after a day when i turn the pc back it goes to the default mountain lion screen paper, any idea whats going on...
  12. dturro

    Is 32C CPU temp good at iddle? help please

    Ok, i had windows 7 on my new hackintosh, cpu temperatures used to be around 18C on idle, on loads never over 30C. No overclocking or nothing like that, processor is i3 3220. So my question is, is it normal on hackintosh to run hotter than windows? i am just booting mountain lion, deleted...
  13. dturro

    Can't Get My HDMI to work from the GPU (PNY Nvidia 640)Help please

    Ok, i have spent a lot of time, i havent slept for 2 days, going to work with no energy at all because I've been trying to figure this out, but i dont know what else to do, i read all the toledo segments but nothing, i dont understand, i might be to tired,anyways, my MOBO is a GB B75M-D3H and...
  14. dturro

    Mountain lion installed with no problems, but I can't restart cus it freeze (what to install with mu

    System: GB B75M-D3H : i3 3220 RAM: 8Gb 2x4 @1333Mghz Graphic Card: PNY GT 640 Booting from 120Gb Kingston SSD This is my first hackintosh, I read a lot before deciding to build it. I installed Mountain Lion, all the installation process went smoth....I downloaded...
  15. dturro

    Help with my build please

    this is my hardware Mobo:GB B75M-D3HProcessor: Intel i3 3220 RAM:1333Mhz 2x4 total 8Gb i have no graphic card as the grapichs are integrated on the MOBO, i was reading that you need one, but since on the buy guide it says that the graphic card are optional on each build i didnt get one, if this...