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  1. Yogobell

    Suddenly no boot options in Clover

    Something occurred to me, if the EFI is OK, it is possible that the MB have default settings in BIOS because the computer is older and has not been turned on for a long time.
  2. Yogobell

    Suddenly no boot options in Clover

    Hello guys, I wanted to turn on my Hackintosh with High Sierra and Clover shows no boot options. So I took out a disk, mout EFI, looked into the config and nothing seems to be wrong. Please, can somebody just look at it and tell me, if everything is fine? it worked fine for 3 years. EFI and...
  3. Yogobell

    Broken BIOS

    Hi and thank you for your reply, yes, It looks like the BIOS is dead. My MB have a jumper and I tried this with battery and without battery. One solution I found is reinstall BIOS by removing the chip from MB and use this magic box to install. So I just bought new MB for 50$ and rebuild it...
  4. Yogobell

    Broken BIOS

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask, can the installation destroy the BIOS or damage EFI? In history I installed 5 computers (with Clover). From Sierra to Mojave. Every time without big troubles. In one case, an error occurred during the installation (probably due to incorrect EFI configuration...
  5. Yogobell

    [ROUGH GUIDE] Fix for Finder Preview not working on Mojave 10.14.1+

    Worked for me tooo :) Thank you very much!!!
  6. Yogobell

    Realtek 8111 does not work

    Hello guys, today I started experiment with hackintosh. I passed throw and my Hackintosh is fine, BUT. Network doesn't work. I installed correct drivers from MultiBeast, Realtek 8111...