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  1. jeffcarrera

    Help with USB 3 fix for Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting the USB 3 ports to work with USB 3 devices. The USB 3 ports work with USB 2 devices, and USB 3 devices work with the USB 3 ports, but not USB 3 devices with USB 3 ports. It may be worth noting that on the System report, devices plugged in to USB 2 ports appear as...
  2. jeffcarrera

    [Solved] Screen offset, graphics issue with HD 630, Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi, I have an issue with my graphics on HD630. My monitor's native res is 1600x1200, and when I set it to this resolution, the screen is offset (about 20%) to the left (can't see apple logo and some menu items on upper left corner). I'm on Sierra 10.12.6 on GA B250M HD3, i5 7500 and integrated...
  3. jeffcarrera

    [Solved] Ethernet not working

    Hi everyone, I have a new build using i5 7500, GA B250M HD3, and using integrated HD 630 graphics. I'm using the latest Multibeast version 9.2, and it has fixed some of the issues I had in the previous version. But I cant get my ethernet to work. I've tried all three versions of Realtek...
  4. jeffcarrera

    GA B250 HD3 i5 7500 Black screen

    Hello everyone, I've successfully installed Sierra 12.6.03 (version 10.12.6) on the following components: GA B250 HD3 i5 7500 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb Samsung SSD 830 series using built in graphics form the cpu, followed bios settings (vt-d disabled, etc) On Multibeast, the only option I...
  5. jeffcarrera

    660ti or GT670?

    With my windows 7 partition I can't help but get into more gaming. Presently have a gt640 but would like to upgrade to either 660ti or 670. My impression is that many people are having issues with 660ti. Will ease of installation compensate for the higher price compared to 660ti? Thanks for any...
  6. jeffcarrera

    jeff's MacPro Build: Core i7-3770k - GA-Z77-D3H - GT640

    Jeff's MacPro Build: Core i7-3770k - GA-Z77-D3H - 8GB RAM - GT640 Components Gigabyte Z77 D3H rev. 1.1 Bios F18 i7 3770K (stock speed) Asus GT 640 2gb...
  7. jeffcarrera

    Sleep/Wake issues with Display

    z77 D3H rev1.1 - Sleep/Wake issues with Display Hi. I recently upgraded my system and have got a working installation of ML 10.8.2. I still have a few issues though and one thing that's really bugging me is that the computer sleeps and wakes properly it seems, except that my monitor stays blank...
  8. jeffcarrera

    optimize installation

    Hi, I have successfully installed 10.6.8 on my system (see signature) with working sound, graphics etc. I haven't tried working on the sleep/wake and appstore sign in error issues, but it is so far a stable system. However, the interface feels a bit sluggish. Window animations (like when...
  9. jeffcarrera

    ssd with snow leopard

    hi, two quick questions, is TRIM supported in 10.6.8? anybody got crucial m4 working properly on their hack? i installed crucial m4 128gb yesterday and was having constant freezes, apparently a common issue with the new 000f firmware.
  10. jeffcarrera

    G41M-Combo, Intel Q6600, Gigabyte Geforce 210 Install Success

    G41M-Combo, Intel Q6600, Geforce 210 Hi, I was intending on building a Sandy Bridge Hackintosh with SL 10.6.8. I had bought most of the parts except mobo and CPU. I realized my older PC that's been in the stockroom for a year or so had Intel Q6600 on it so I decided to get a Gigabyte LGA 775...
  11. jeffcarrera

    Front intake fans

    Hi, This is my first time building a computer. Took me 4 hours to put the hardware together, installed windows to test if everything is working as it should, and am now I'm installing snow leopard on my first hackintosh. One really newbie question: Where do I plug in my 2 front intake fans...
  12. jeffcarrera

    ASRock G41M-VS3-R2 Intel core 2 quad Q6600

    ASRock G41M-VS3-R2 Intel core 2 quad Q6600 GeForce 210 I have these spare parts gathering dust in my stockroom. Is this hackable using legacy iboot + multibeast? I've researched the mobo specification and has incompatible audio and lan, but if this hackable I can just get usb audi and pci...
  13. jeffcarrera

    Graphics Card

    I'm hoping to build a hackintosh with Snow Leopard on a Z68XP-UD3 and i7 2600k. I am very new to graphics card and its different variants. I checked on the compatible graphics cards at the tonymacx86 wiki but most are older models which are no longer available here in Singapore. Could I ask for...
  14. jeffcarrera

    Snow Leopard Build, need advice on parts

    Hi, I was planning on doing an Ivy Bridge build to install mountain lion. I will be using the hackintosh mainly for audio recording with my existing hardware m-audio Profire 610. After doing a search on profire 610's compatibility with mountain lion, i found out that even users of this hardware...
  15. jeffcarrera

    m-audio Profire 610 on Mountain Lion

    Hi guys, I'll soon be building my own mountain lion hackintosh. I see some users of m-audio Profire 610 on this forum using mountain lion. How do you get the Profire 610 to work on ML when there is no driver support from avid yet for ML? or is there a driver for ml available already?
  16. jeffcarrera

    need help with build options

    Hi, I've been a mac user for many years now but totally new to hackintosh. I was looking to get a new iMac since my macbook pro crashed a couple of months back (unfortunately my applecare expired weeks before my MBP died). Apple was charging me a ridiculous amount to have it repaired so...