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  1. noisyboy

    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    So, I've decided to turn my current rig into my media server for Plex. I'm planning on running it headless, but I've got it connected via HDMI right now. I've installed Mojave and got it running fairly well. Some things seem to be new with the Hackintosh scene since my last build, and I've got a...
  2. noisyboy

    Booting Clover drive hangs at "scan entries"

    From memory, you need to use ‘Clover Configurator’ to mount the edit partion and change the above mentioned file in there.
  3. noisyboy

    Booting Clover drive hangs at "scan entries"

    How did you replace it?
  4. noisyboy

    No mouse click after wake

    The mouse moves around, but the click doesn't work. Any ideas?
  5. noisyboy

    No mouse click after wake

    I never had this problem before, with exactly the same hardware (logitech MX professional mouse). On wake, it moves but you can't click anything. Any ideas?
  6. noisyboy

    Pointer to RAID-0 Guide - Works with Yosemite and TonyMacX86 Tool set.

    Seems to have worked well for me on the upgrade. Thanks for this guide, it's great. I should put it into a file just incase it ever gets taken down. Thanks again.
  7. noisyboy

    Sound Interruptions - OS X Mavericks ALC898, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

    What I normally do to test if the sound is working is just hit the sound up and down days. If it's working, you get your 'pluck' type sound and a visual showing your sound is going up and down. Now, you don't get any sound when doing that on 10.10. However, I just chose a different output in...
  8. noisyboy

    No audio after sleep ALC892 - Yosemite

    I had this issue on Mavericks. Turns out if I used Multibeast 6.1, selected my audio driver and applehda, it fixed the issue.
  9. noisyboy

    Z77-D3H - 2500k - VT2021 - Can't get audio?

    Sorry, this should probably have been in Post-Installation > Audio. Feel free to move.
  10. noisyboy

    Z77-D3H - 2500k - VT2021 - Can't get audio?

    I've searched and tried many methods. The Voodoo HDA - VT2021 in Multicast gives me a KP, so I can't go down that route unfortunately. I was using this method on 10.9, which worked perfectly, but I've just tried it and nothing. I've tried the DTSD.aml but for some reason my system just won't...
  11. noisyboy

    Sleep on Z77X-UD5H 10.9

    It worked on 10.8, but I'm having trouble getting it working under Mavericks. The screen goes black, but the system doesn't shut down. Any help anybody can give me to sort this out would be very helpful.
  12. noisyboy

    Guide for RAID-0 on OS X 10.8.5 using tonymacx86 tool set

    Excellent guide, thanks for taking the time.
  13. noisyboy

    Pointer to RAID 0 Guide - Works with Mavericks - uses TonyMacX86 tools.

    Thanks for the time you too to do this. At first I had a drive issue (old crappy drive) which meant the clone wasn't working well. Once I tried a different drive, it took about ten minutes. Brilliant.
  14. noisyboy

    Updated to 10.8.3, re-ran MultiBeast, now won't boot.

    That seems to have done the trick. Thanks a million.
  15. noisyboy

    Updated to 10.8.3, re-ran MultiBeast, now won't boot.

    Shall I just do a reinstall or is it fixable?
  16. noisyboy

    Updated to 10.8.3, re-ran MultiBeast, now won't boot.

    So,I updated to 10.8.3 from 10.8.2 (sorry to say, via the appstore rather than the combo), rebooted and it went back into ML just fine. Then I re-ran multibeast and rebooted, but it won't boot. This is the stuff i get with verbose Any help to get this going again would be gratefully...
  17. noisyboy

    Build Galery

    Any sort of gallery would be good. User and Golden Build sections are fine, but not all have pictures of the set-up. Gallery would be great.
  18. noisyboy

    Slow SSD.

    Ah, okay. But would you say the intel 330 is the one to go for, or the sandisk? I don't want the same problem to happen again.
  19. noisyboy

    Slow SSD.

    Tot, What are you getting on black magic with just one SSD? I'm going to use my 60gb Agility 3 as a Windows drive and invest in a new SSD for Mac. What should I go for? The Sandisk recommended in the CustoMac pages or the Intel 330?