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  1. ksgriff

    Booting-Z77X-DS3H, i5 Sandy Bridge

    Hey guys I'm looking for some help with booting my system. The install goes flawlessly (using a Unibeast flash drive) and allows me to set up the Mac without a problem. However the issues come in after using Multibeast. When choosing Multibeast settings I chose SandyBridge, Chameleon, Remixed...
  2. ksgriff

    Problem With App Store

    I am trying to access the app store and it is telling me "An unknown error occured". As stated previously I have no /Extra folder and not sure how to install the Essentials.pkg again. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. ksgriff

    App Store Fix

    I cannot the MAC App Store to work in my ML install. I have been booting from the UniBeast USB Drive (only boot that works for me) but have added an Extra folder with a file copied from my previous install. In the previous install (10.6.8) the code...
  4. ksgriff

    Monitor Issue with Mountain Lion

    I have a Gigabyte EP43-UD3L motherboard, 8 gb of RAM, Quad-Core Xeon CPU, and NVIDIA 9500 GT in my "hackintosh" build. I was able to upgrade to 10.6.8 using this guide: EP43-UD3L 10.6 SL Snow Leopard Install - InsanelyMac Forum However today I have embarked on getting Mountain Lion installed. I...