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  1. MechSoup

    Mac Tower Case Without the Mac Tower Case

    I have been looking for a computer case that is like this: I don't want to use a G5 case because it does not support watercooling radiators, nor does it have a side window. So my question is -- does anybody know of a case that has the same "mac look" as the G5 case but has watercooling support...
  2. MechSoup

    GTX 580 vs GTX 670 in ML

    I'm looking for anybody that might have experience with either card (GTX 580 or GTX 670) in ML. I'm mostly looking for ease to set up, and system functionality. Does sleep/wake, screen resolution issues, etc. If you want to get specific, I am looking at these two cards: 580...
  3. MechSoup

    Gigabyte GTX 680 SOC

    I'm not sure how many of you have seen this monster, which is hackintoshable btw, but it is the biggest GPU I have ever seen! lol
  4. MechSoup

    OpenGL 4.2

    I was looking at the card below, and was wondering if it would be supported? ... 6814130758 My main question I have is listed under the 3D API section in the product details. OpenGL 4.2. All the cards that are recommended are only OpenGL 4.1. Any ideas?
  5. MechSoup

    Slim DVD Drive

    I'm thinking of getting this case, but I need a slim DVD drive. Is this slim drive supported?
  6. MechSoup

    HIS 6870

    I have searched the graphic card list and I can't find this one in the list. HIS IceQ H687Q1G2M Radeon HD 6870 1GB ... 6814161393 It seems like it would work, I would just like to know if you guys think it might work for an upcoming build?