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  1. hamiltus

    Pentium Anniv.

    No sign of the amazing bargain that is the Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition ? Haswell, Dual Core, Cheap oh and Unlocked ! Surprised.
  2. hamiltus

    Compact Video editing Beast advice

    Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me so here's the deal. I've been approached by a client to build a "portable" beast of a Hackintosh that can rival/best a Mac Pro for workflows involving Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve. The list below is a draft so all suggestions are welcome however...
  3. hamiltus

    What tech gifts did you guys get for Xmas 2012 ?

    Just wanted to see what the rest of the TMX86 crew got for Xmas. I am very thankful to my parents for my awesome new MSI GTX 670 Power Edition. My Hackintosh is now going to scream through anything and...
  4. hamiltus

    Video card for a simple OOB OS X experience and Gaming

    Just need to know which is best for an easy install to an existing system with HD 4000 but enough horsepower to run the latest PC games such as CoD BOps 2, AC3, F1 2012 and Arkham City. Vote in the poll and post tutorials/tips/comments below. My budget limit is €290
  5. hamiltus

    Dual Boot issues ML + Win 7/8 on Z77-DS3H

    Hey guys, I need ur help. I want to install Windows 7 or 8 on my hackintosh on a separate HDD in order to play PC games but I keep running into UEFI/BIOS issues because my system is Z77 based. Whenever I try to install Win7 to my HDD it says it can't install because my system doesn't support...
  6. hamiltus

    The GTX 650 Ti Thread

    Welcome to the GTX 650 Ti Thread. This is the place where u can ask questions, buying advice and post success/failure stories involving the use of the new GK106 based GTX 650 Ti with your Hackintosh. I started this thread because : 1) I'm in the market for a video card to move away from my...
  7. hamiltus

    GPU for upgrading my build from HD 4000

    Hey TMX86 crew. I'm currently using HD 4000 and I was wondering which GPU you guys think I should get to speed up my build. Price limit is €160 and I did look at the GTX 650 and the Radeon HD 6870 for baselines but I wanted your opinions.
  8. hamiltus

    First Hackintosh, need advice for a MacBook Pro user.

    Hi, I'm looking into building a Hack Pro for the first time and I was wondering weither or not my build would A) work and B) be good enough for CS5.5, FCP X, Gaming, and Media Server. My budget is €1300. Any advice will be greatly appreciated for the following parts : CPU : Intel Core i7...