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  1. Justcurious1

    [solved] No Radeon VII render acceleration FCPX in Catalina

    GA-Z170X, 7700K, 32GB, Radeon VII, iMac Pro 1,1 Installed Catalina without issue. Every piece of software recognizes the R VII except FCPX when rendering. The card shows up in Playback/Rendering preferences but no effect. I have tried other SMBIOSes, with and without headless mode. Nothing. I...
  2. Justcurious1

    Should I be updating my original USB installer?

    Just curious if the original USB installer that gave birth to my Hackintosh should be updated? Recreated? To keep up with the changes to OS, Unibeast and Multibeast?
  3. Justcurious1

    Confused about Clover EFI installer vs Clover Configurator

    I have successfully created Hackintoshes with the standard Unibeast, Multibeast, Clover configurator method but I've read about Clover EFI if Multibeast doesn't provide enough options. Isn't that what configurator is for? I downloaded Clover EFI and saw that it was an installer. I decided to...
  4. Justcurious1

    Mr. Macx86, please add OpenCL compatibility info to GPU list

    Adding OpenCL compatibility info to your GPU list would be hugely helpful and would avoid making incorrect purchases. In my case I bought a recommended GTX 960 only to find it was useless as an OpenCL card. My understanding is the GTX 970 does OpenCL well. I wish I had known that. The issue is...
  5. Justcurious1

    Can I run both AMD and Nvidia GPUs?

    I'm sure someone has asked this over the intervening years but could not find anything on this. I have an AMD Sapphire R9 280X and an Nvidia GTX 960. FCPX was not happy with the 960 so I bought a used 280X and mysetup is super stable. But, there is software that runs much faster on the Nvidia...
  6. Justcurious1

    SOLVED: First gen Blackmagic Intensity Pro card now works

    This isn't exactly a Hackintosh fix post but if anyone was struggling with getting their Intensity Pro card working with El Capitan on either their old MacPro or Hackintosh the solution was easier than anticipated and the culprit was Blackmagic's lousy website. Yes, the Intensity Pro drivers...