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  1. noisyboy

    No mouse click after wake

    I never had this problem before, with exactly the same hardware (logitech MX professional mouse). On wake, it moves but you can't click anything. Any ideas?
  2. noisyboy

    Z77-D3H - 2500k - VT2021 - Can't get audio?

    I've searched and tried many methods. The Voodoo HDA - VT2021 in Multicast gives me a KP, so I can't go down that route unfortunately. I was using this method on 10.9, which worked perfectly, but I've just tried it and nothing. I've tried the DTSD.aml but for some reason my system just won't...
  3. noisyboy

    Sleep on Z77X-UD5H 10.9

    It worked on 10.8, but I'm having trouble getting it working under Mavericks. The screen goes black, but the system doesn't shut down. Any help anybody can give me to sort this out would be very helpful.
  4. noisyboy

    Updated to 10.8.3, re-ran MultiBeast, now won't boot.

    So,I updated to 10.8.3 from 10.8.2 (sorry to say, via the appstore rather than the combo), rebooted and it went back into ML just fine. Then I re-ran multibeast and rebooted, but it won't boot. This is the stuff i get with verbose Any help to get this going again would be gratefully...
  5. noisyboy

    Slow SSD.

    Hi guys, I've done some googling and also searched this site, but I can't seem to resolve this issue. In multibeast I selected TRIM Enabler, which didn't seem to do anything, and 3rd party drive support. Here's my speed test results: My set-up is as follows: GA-Z77-UD5H 3570k i5 OCZ...
  6. noisyboy

    10.7.4 + BCM43xx/F5D7000 + Ivy Bridge

    Hi, I'm having real trouble getting my machine to recognise my Belkin F5D7000 card (Version 1134), which has a broadcom chip that reads 'BCM4308KFB'. I'm on 10.7.4 straight from the app store, 3570k, Z77x-UD5H, and have tried just about everything I can find on google. Is anybody able to...
  7. noisyboy

    Prospective Build

    Does anybody see any silly errors here? I'm wanting to overclock, too. Any suggestions/help appreciated. Case: Corsair 300R MoBo: Gigabyte GA-XP-UD3P Processor: Intel i5-2500k RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM (or maybe the G-Skill Ripjaws?) PSU: OCZ ZT-550W Cooler: Corsair H60 SSD: OCZ 60gb...