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  1. MacMerlin

    Alienware R3 - Ask how to do Mac OS High Sierra Hackintosh

    Since you asked specifically about High Sierra with Alienware 15R3 I'll give you some help of where to start. I had much difficulty trying to install High Sierra directly from USB installer. Rather, I installed Sierra and then upgraded to High Sierra, and that worked well for me. One note...
  2. MacMerlin

    Alienware 17 R4 (kaby lake) installation problems

    My audio notes from Alienware 15R3 after working with InsanelyDeepak. Hopefully it's same audio hardware as 17R4? Audio Download latest ALC298 package ALC298, see below and also codec commander and install...
  3. MacMerlin

    ALC3266 (10ec0298) files for AppleHDAPatcher

    Got Alienware 15 R3 working. Sleep/wake audio working and headphone, speakers, jack sense, and mic. See this thread In the end it required that latest FakePCIID kexts 05/27, and an adjusted path map/updated kext...
  4. MacMerlin

    Quick Fix: Z370/200/X299/ Series Kaby Lake Audio, Onboard and/or HD 6x0 HDMI

    With method #1 I notice you support 8086,a170. Is it possible to patch FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext to support pci8086,a171 ?
  5. MacMerlin

    ALC3266 (10ec0298) files for AppleHDAPatcher

    So I've gone through the guides extensively and attacked this problem using all the different ways listed. I'm getting the same result. My latest effort is with your FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext which appears to produce the same result again. Device is apparently detected. Jack sense...
  6. MacMerlin

    ALC3266 (10ec0298) files for AppleHDAPatcher

    Ok, I've finally hit my cry for help moment. How did you patch this and get it to work? I have Realtek ALC3266, I've got the codec dump from Linux, it can see my devices apparently, but no sound (greyed out). Can you take a look?
  7. MacMerlin

    ALC3266 (10ec0298) files for AppleHDAPatcher

    I have audio working on my Alienware 15 R3 but I lose it after sleep/wake. Using VoodooHDA it works great on reboot. Still haven't solved the sleep issue though. Now pursuing codec commander. Audio is ALC3266.
  8. MacMerlin

    NVIDIA 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Released: Buyer's Guide Updated!

    I just wanted to say that your initial email in the imgur put my entire train of thought into words for Nvidia, probably the same for many of us. On the last feature length film that I worked on I had plugged an Akitio Thunder2 with a GTX 970 into a real MacPro6,1 just to handle 4k drone...
  9. MacMerlin

    NVIDIA 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Released: Buyer's Guide Updated!

    I tried Shadow of Mordor and concluded the drivers and game aren't optimized yet for either Sierra or 1070. It ran, but not nearly as fast as my 970. It would go However, my Alienware hack isn't 100% optimized yet either. UPDATE: The game runs fine now. I was...
  10. MacMerlin

    NVIDIA 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Released: Buyer's Guide Updated!

    Success with laptop Alienware 15 R3 GTX1070 (1080p 120z panel) Kabylake i7-7700hq. I struggled for a full day so don't give up! I had to go back to a basic working clover plist. Then forgot to install EmuVariableUEFI64 in Clover configurator so the changes wouldn't stick when setting from OS...
  11. MacMerlin

    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    so, I have RX480 metal supported using HDMI port. Awesome! I'm on 10.12.4 with latest clover. However, I have to unplug HDMI from RX480, boot to clover loader screen using HD530, then I can plug in RX480 again and proceed to boot. If I leave both HD530 and RX480 (two separate monitors)...
  12. MacMerlin

    GA-Z170X-UD5 TH USB header and port mapping

    Was away for a bit. Got distracted by some really awesome Vive VR. Anyway, the USB mapping wasn't bad at all. Just follow the directions and it's easier than one would think.
  13. MacMerlin

    [GUIDE] Remove extra Clover BIOS boot entries & prevent further problems

    So glad I found this forum. Having boot entries duplicate was a puzzling bug. (I'm using Z170x UD5 TH). The difficulty was that I had no boot dump entry for HD that pointed to \EFI\CLOVER\CLOVERX64.EFI. Instead I only had \EFI\BOOT\BOOTx64.EFI. And, I don't yet know how to tell Clover to...
  14. MacMerlin

    GA-Z170X-UD5 TH USB header and port mapping

    Anyone have an updated USB port list for Z170x UD5 TH ? I've got it running and mapped out most ports but cannot test the Usb type-c. Here is my list if anyone is interested: Note: it's a mashup of previous information with my own comments. The ones marked DISABLE are those I shut off by...
  15. MacMerlin

    Trim problems in Yosemite

    So this appears to boot system not in 64 bit mode. However, there is another way to solve 5 second problem, at least it did for me. Finally got the system working, but got strange error at boot about not being able...
  16. MacMerlin

    TRIM Patch breaks the System

    Check out this info credit to a hackintosher named Dan. Fixed my 5 sec problem. Finally got the system working, but got strange error at boot about not being able to parse plist, ‘Error parsing plist file, Errors...
  17. MacMerlin

    Enabling TRIM botches everything why???

    I found a solution to my 5 second problem credit to Dan Finally got the system working, but got strange error at boot about not being able to parse plist, ‘Error parsing plist file, Errors encountered while starting...
  18. MacMerlin

    The GTX 650 Ti Thread

    Using the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 650 Ti, and these drivers This is what I get Unigine 45fps and 1134 scores. Makes me wonder if you have those same drivers. (OH, second thought,, mine was running at 1680x1050 res)
  19. MacMerlin

    Getting 650ti working

    Thanks for the method to add the Nvidia drivers to Unibeast. Worked perfectly for me.
  20. MacMerlin

    Targus ACB10US Bluetooth and Mountain Lion

    Try different usb ports. I just got the ACB10US1 and it works fine in 10.8.2 with no extra kexts. I use apple bluetooth keyboard and BTH220 wireless headphones with it. I wish I could find ACB10US, the v1 silver one because apparently that works in Chameleon boot loader,, that would be nice...