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  1. baskira

    [Solved] Security Update 2016-001 not compatible to Nvidia driver 346.03.15f02

    Installed before update, working normally. GTX 970 SC. Thanks.
  2. baskira

    OSX EI Captain Can't shutdown completed

    Hi, the file was a kext from an audio device. But no luck. Did a fresh install, 100% working machine. Many thanks for the development of these nice tools. You're my hero man. Thankssss.
  3. baskira

    OSX EI Captain Can't shutdown completed

    I found the files, deleted all of them. Made the changes you suggested but no luck, still same problem. Posting new outputs and files. In case I´m not able to solve this, after the clean install may I use the migration assistant? Macintosh-2:RehabMan max$ kextstat|grep -y acpiplat 13 2...
  4. baskira

    OSX EI Captain Can't shutdown completed

    Thank you for your fast answer, but where are com.digidesign.iokit.DigiIO, com.digidesign.iokit.DigiDal those located? I will also remove an old audio driver. Will post results.
  5. baskira

    OSX EI Captain Can't shutdown completed

    Hi Rehabman, thanks for the tools. I am having the same issue on my probook 4440s i3. Can´t shutdown using apple menu. But in terminal the shutdown command gives me a reboot. Sleep only works if I close the lid. Here are my output. Macintosh-2:RehabMan max$ kextstat|grep -y acpiplat 13 2...
  6. baskira

    AppleACPICPU timeout before reaching installer

    I´m stuck in the spinning wheel. Using ATI inject. Any ideas for this? Running old Mavericks on chimera, just moving to clover to test this, but since yesterday I cannot proceed.
  7. baskira

    HP ProBook Installer 6.1: 4x30s and 4x40s support

    Won't you update this anymore? I have a flawless 10.9.3 pro book 4440s and want to migrate to 10.9.5 but do not want to test clover yet, since it's a working machine. Can I proceed with the update process using this installer?
  8. baskira

    FakeSMC Plugins and audio issues with MB 6.2.1

    Issue with ALC889 Hi, after 10.9.2 and multibeast 6.2.1 my sound stop working after sleep, sometimes it restore itself, but this is very annoying. Thanks for your effort. using ALC889 without DSDT. Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 - UEFI i7-2600
  9. baskira

    Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) cards for laptops with Mac OS / OS X

    Wi-fi Atheros Ar5b93 confirmed working Hi I'm using this wifi adapter Atheros Ar5b93 natively in OSX Mavericks, it works also in Mountain Lion on probook 4440s i3 3110
  10. baskira

    MultiBeast 6.1 Update

    Why did you remove AppleRTL8169Ethernet driver?
  11. baskira

    Strange random sleep issue - PCIROOTUID related

    I re-formated the EFI partition and reverted back the system to the standard bootloader install on the system partition. Select disk partition as active through terminal fdisk. Removed all drives, but the main SSD and the issue persists. I used the bdmesg and the output results are at the print...
  12. baskira

    Strange random sleep issue - PCIROOTUID related

    Hi again, I change the boot.plist as you suggested, but I still get the same error, even unplugging all the devices. I only get to sleep typing the code on boot screen. It's very annoying. See the file. Thanks again.
  13. baskira

    Strange random sleep issue - PCIROOTUID related

    Hi Rehabman, thanks for your answer, but I think I'm doing this right. I attached a print of my boot.plist, take a look.
  14. baskira

    Strange random sleep issue - PCIROOTUID related

    could anyone help?
  15. baskira

    Install Bootloader and Extra to EFI Partition

    Hi Tonymac, thanks in advance for all this tools that help us so much. You should aware people that doing a repair permissions from disk utility booting from other drive will delete all the information on EFI partition. And you if you could help me with this issue -...
  16. baskira

    Strange random sleep issue - PCIROOTUID related

    Hi, I had a stable Mavericks system running on a SSD with sleep always working. I was trying to solve issues to use Darkwake=0 flag, but suddenly it broke my sleep. Now if I want to make the computer sleep I must type PCIRootUID=0 on boot screen. It doesn't work added to Boot.plist At the...
  17. baskira

    Have You Updated to OS X Mavericks Yet?

    Both systems up and running!!! Probook 4440s i3 3110 SSD 120gb HDD 500 gb 8gb ram I7 2600 16gb RAM GA Z68MA-D2H-B3 SSD 240 GB 2x 1tb seagatee HDD (Two monitors) Thanks!!!
  18. baskira

    SSD purchase advice?

    I am using a 120 gb Sandisk Extreme SSD, it is doing great.
  19. baskira

    Saphire Radeon HD 6870 Dual Monitor

    Mavericks uses AMD6000Controller.kext instead of the older one.