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  1. synergiance

    Gray screen spinny beach ball on install

    I can't reach the install screen and just get the gray screen with spinny beach ball on high sierra. I tried copying in fakesmc.kext but it didn't help. I'm not sure what to try next
  2. synergiance

    Battery charging state reported wrong after sleep

    So after I updated to Sierra, I noticed that when I woke my laptop from sleep (once I fixed the crash on wake issue) it would always show plugged in not charging on the menu bar regardless of whether my laptop was plugged in or not. I'm not sure if this is a known issue or whether it's just...
  3. synergiance

    Sierra installer Spinny beach ball gray screen no working mouse

    When I use the sierra updater and reboot, I just get to a gray screen with the spinning beach ball cursor and neither the mouse nor the keyboard seem to work. I tested the keyboard by pressing the caps lock key and the light didn't turn on. My laptop is the HP ProBook 4530s, core i3 and...
  4. synergiance

    Problems with clover

    When clover boots, I see an apple logo fine, but after that, instead of showing the mouse, all I see is a sort of burn in effect, which slowly fades to white, then slowly fades to dark grey. Attached is a picture of it in action. Deleting AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext allows me to boot but the...
  5. synergiance

    unibeast stuck at spinny beach ball of death

    not sure what's happening here, unibeast boots fine after switching the kernel. After the apple load bar completes and the mouse appears (after a minor graphical glitch) it becomes :beachball: and never actually loads the installer Using: HP ProBook 4530s core i3 1366x768 display Any other...
  6. synergiance

    Mouse and keyboard sometimes hang on startup

    I'm sort of a noob in this area but I checked /S/L/E and found a file named GenericUSBXHCI.kext also, in IORegistryExplorer, I have a PS2K and a PS2M section, both replicating the keyboard/mouse. Is the kext I mentioned in the /S/L/E folder the correct thing to delete or is that the one I need...