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  1. siachori

    HELP NEEDED ! I'm very confused ....

    Last week I was playing with laptops, open core and Monterey, BigSur, Catalina you can check at this post -> T460p installed open core Most difficult was wifi (chris1111) driver BUT finally I found 'simprecicchiani' EFI folder on Guthub for T460 y works fine, network, sound, everything ... I...
  2. siachori

    [SUCCESS] T440P, T460 and t460p installed (Open Core)

    Hi friends! All of them installed following this guide-> (GUIDE). T460 and T460p using same EFI folder without any change. Now I start with drivers, it seams to be difficult with wifi. So I will start with this. I started in 2011 with Lion meabe, ... Unibest, Clover .... and now Open Core. I...
  3. siachori

    [Solved] Cursor freezes for a split second around every 2 seconds

    Cursor freezes for a split second around every 2 seconds, the only change was Port Limit path for usb 3.0. Monday I used this solution Post #35 and worked. Tuesday I was updating Catalina and today same problem with cursor and same solution does not work. Any help? I have 4 partions: windows...
  4. siachori

    [Solved] T470p USB3.0 not working

    Solved using <key>KextsToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>USB Port limit patch #1/2 10.15.x (credit DalianSky)</string> <key>Find</key> <data> g/sPDw==...
  5. siachori

    Kernel Panic GraphicsFramebugger with ig_platform_id 0x591b0000

    I'm confused. I have 1 HD 3 partitions: windows10, high sierra, Mojave 1 EFI partition I have config.plist for Install High Sierra (Clover 4444 stick usb fake - ig_platform_id 0x12345678), other config.plist with full path sound usb for High Sierra ig_platform_id 0x591b0000 Mojave installed...
  6. siachori

    [SOLVED] 10.13.6 Kernel Panic booting recovery partition & Instalacion stick (I need Time Machine)

    I have my T470p working with 10.13.6, booting clover from my HD. I have buyed new bigger HD and I need boot from USB stick o recovery to start Time machine, buy always Kernel Panic EFI folder is same I have on HD. Why kernel panic now ?!??!?! Which are diferences between start High Sierra from...
  7. siachori

    [SOLVED] T470p High Sierra USB Problems

    Hi I can not see big external USB HD, small USB Sticks, mouse ... everything ok. Also big usb works over dock, but not standalone Any help?
  8. siachori

    [SOLVED] T470p High Sierra without sound ALC298

    I have seen other people is using AppleALC.kext but not working on /C/K/O for me
  9. siachori

    [SOLVED for HS and Mojave] Problems with ultrabay for second hd (the Disk not initialized issue)

    I have ultrabay for second hd. Always working on Sierra and High Sierra over Lenovo T410. Now I'm trying same with T440p Catalina and Mojave and always same problem: Second HD can be erased. Both hd tested one be one and be ok, but always second on ultrabay can not be initialized Im sure HD and...
  10. siachori

    [solved] Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014: Installation start but no HD

    Following this guide I have created usb stick: I get into Wellcome window, I open diskutil but SSD HD can not be found, I can not format it. There is no way to install. PD: Tried Mojave, and High...
  11. siachori

    [solved] Lenovo T470p KP on install Sierra 10.12.6

    KP trying first install following this topic Help needed, thanks
  12. siachori

    T470p HDMI: High Sierra 10.13.6 Dual display does not work

    Intel HD 630- No QE/CI Help need! thanks
  13. siachori

    [solved] Mojave Installation frozen after voodoops2trackpad (t470p)

    Using Clover 4674 by Rehabman.
  14. siachori

    Unibeast vs. Retail

    Can someone try to explain me the diference? or its the same? I'm trying to install iboot + retail and Unibest lion ...