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  1. isaacholtis

    H310 chipset support

    Hey everyone, I have gone and picked up a Gigabyte H310 2.0 motherboard and an i3 9100F. I am wondering if there is anyway that I can install high sierra on this computer. Thanks so much!
  2. isaacholtis

    I have Intel HD 3000 and a VGA monitor

    So, currently I have 1 VGA monitor connected to my hackintosh (high serria). My mother board only supports VGA and display port, but I have a VGA only monitor. Currently I have no QE/CI even with HD 3000 and when I go to about this matter Mac, it displays Intel HD 3000 7MB. So my question is...
  3. isaacholtis

    macOS Installer stuck at apple logo and nearly done progress bar

    Hi, So I followed the guide to install macOS high sierra and successfully created a bootable usb stick. However, when I get to the clover screen and choose the installer icon it takes a really long time to load the apple logo and the progress bar, and then proceeds to take hours to get to...
  4. isaacholtis

    << Solved >> What Integrated Graphics Does macOS Support (I Only Use Intel)

    Hi Everyone, I am new to hackintosh, but I want to know what Integrated Graphics macOS supports. I am upgrading from a Intel 2120 @ 3.30GHz with Intel HD 2000. It's unsupported with no hardware acceleration and I need it for macOS. I have succesfully install many versions of macOS and all of...