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  1. odine2012

    Looking for a kext from IONetworking

    Anyone know how to change whatever needs to be changed so that the Ethernet adapter for this board works in Ventura, lol?
  2. odine2012

    Rename Audio Device Possible?

    Im running Monterey 12.1 Beta and in my audio section it has two devices that read as "USB AUDIO" One is aux in basically, and the other is SPDIF... is there anyway to rename one or both of those to something else and if so how? can somebody point me to a guide or the correct direction? Im...
  3. odine2012

    << Solved >> Anyone had any luck with Asus Prime Z490-A

    Hello, As my post says I was able to get Monterey installed without a hitch only once the system boots up (and the time it stays up seems to be completely random) and then at some point reboots on its own. Im running OC 0.7 not sure if I need the latest version? Also I was running custom port...
  4. odine2012

    Problems installing Asus Prime z490-A

    So I can boot into the installer of macOS but after the first reboot and then I choose the option of the drive I installed it to and it then continues the install process with the black screen and apple logo and timer countdown but then it just randomly reboots and that's that.. Was hoping...
  5. odine2012

    Clover never works to boot no matter what ido :(

    Topic says it all.. Used tonymac installer from actual mac.... went to my pc installed fine rebooted via usb to installed version and ran multibeast installer onto the el capitan drive and when i reboot it seems to show up in uefi boot options but does nothing... what am i doing wrong??? :(
  6. odine2012

    Nadia web drivers weird color lines after reboot

    Hello....Fresh install or el capitan using multicast method...... immediately installed latest web driver for 10.11.4 rebooted and it seems to boot to logn screen (cant tell for sure) with weird horizontal colored lines....any idea how to solve this??? (please excuse typo.. wrist drop in left...
  7. odine2012

    Problems with ASROCK z97 fatality

    System Specs: MOBO: Asrock z97 fatality GPU: GTX 970 Ive seen many guides about this perticular board, and Ive tried just about everything, including removing my video card setting bios to onboard and using that either by dvi or hdmi and it ALWAYS gets stuck at bluetooth transport...