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  1. NewtMostly

    OC Monterey - Black Screen

    OC Monterey — Only issue with this fresh install is a period of black screen whenever I change display settings or login. Any ideas?
  2. NewtMostly

    OC Big Sur black screen / nvme issues

    My Open Core Big Sur installation goes black for a few seconds to a minute after at the login screen, then okay. So does my Clover Catalina on a separate drive on same machine. I did actually get a boot up when it didn't do that - after changing the AAPL,ig-platform-id from 07009B3E to...
  3. NewtMostly

    Open Core Big Sur — but only have a personal hotspot

    Currently running Catalina Clover and but need to use Xcode 13 for iOS 15 development. I'm a newb at that. I found the guides for Clover and previous OS updates problem-free. But for Open Core, the only comprehensive guide I could find states that an Ethernet connection is needed, but I only...
  4. NewtMostly

    Adding Windows 10 & Linux to existing Clover Catalina (Multiboot/tripleboot)

    Hi, I've got an existing build — a Clover Catalina i5 8500 desktop — that I want to add Windows 10 and Linux to. I have a 500gb SSD, so I suppose the best approach is to add them to the same SSD (but open to other suggestions) What's the best way to proceed? The guides I've seen on here...
  5. NewtMostly

    Any performance improvement with Big Sur?

    What's the performance improvement on hackintosh with Big Sur?
  6. NewtMostly

    Mac Pro on apple silicon?

    When, if ever, will Apple ARM Macs outpace desktop PCs or Hackintoshes for multitasking while doing intensive professional tasks? Eg xcode or fcpx with 20 other programs and 100 tabs running?
  7. NewtMostly

    Final cut pro x hardware

    What are your thoughts on the best hardware for Final cut pro x hackintoshers? budget Mid High end
  8. NewtMostly

    How Does Catalina Compare to Mojave?

    What do you guys think of catalina vs mojave so far?
  9. NewtMostly

    Get Black Boot Screen (RX 580) After 10.15.1 Update

    Have Sapphire RX 580, getting the black boot screen, but because the black screen can't get into the system to download WEG 1.3.4 onto it. Also, can't get into clover safe mode. Any ideas?
  10. NewtMostly

    << Solved >> Installed RX580: Successful build stopped working after

    Hi all, fcpx stopped performing and even began crashing the RX580 (Sapphire pule 8gb) stops spinning as soon as Mac OS boots My first build was going well as far as I can tell and then went downhill as soon graphics card arrived and I installed. Any ideas? (I've been installing lots of...
  11. NewtMostly

    << Solved >> Finding Mojave 10.14.1 or earlier

    Hi all, first post and first build :) Anybody know a way to get Mojave 10.14.1 or earlier for UniBeast install?