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  1. Say Heading

    AppleAHCIPort.kext of 10.13.4 updated?

    AppleAHCIPort.kext used to cause issues with certain SATA controllers on previous versions of High Sierra. In 10.13.4 seems to be an updated version (329.50.20 iso 329), has anyone noticed improvements? (Would test myself, but have other issues preventing the update from .3 to .4 ...)
  2. Say Heading

    Clover issues with a certain type of display (and only with it)

    (I had this discussed in a different section (post installation), but as the problem seems to be a bootloader vs. specific display topic, this is my desperate effort to reach a clover expert.) Clover does not work correctly with a certain type of display, the Apple 23” Cinema Display (early...
  3. Say Heading

    Clover Boot: Screen resolution/partial display/scrambled

    I have two identical systems (except monitors) with 10.11.2, installed with UniBeast 6.1.1 and MultiBeast 8.0.1. One uses a Dell monitor with 2560x1440, the other an Apple Cinema Display with 1920x1200 resolution. In use are two identical HD5770. Both are using the exact same config.plist as...
  4. Say Heading

    UniBeast 6.1.1 USB stick boot issues

    The Unibeast usb stick creation was successful, in my case "legacy" without additional injection of any graphics kexts. Booting from the stick now reaches the clover screen for boot device selection. Booting verbose only without selecting any other option leads (repeatedly) to: P-State...
  5. Say Heading

    MB 7.x: SSDT missing in "Extra"?

    Looks like Multibeast Versions 7.x (or maybe even earlier) do not add an SSDT to the "Extra" folder anymore. Detected by chance due to different update methods of two identical machines from mavericks to yosemite. The first update was "on top of 10.9.x" via the app store. This machine did...
  6. Say Heading

    MB 6.3.0: ALC889 dead after sleep

    Like in 6.2.x audio doesn´t work anymore after sleep. (Updated were chimera, audio ALC889 and fake smc. System is GA Z68X-UD7-B3 with DSDT, 10.9.3)
  7. Say Heading

    Mavericks system SSD: Laggy display of icons

    After installing mavericks as a clean install on a SSD it still boots as fast as or even faster than mountain lion. But I notice a laggy display of application/document icons from the system SSD in the finder when navigating through folders. It´s just barely a second before they are displayed...
  8. Say Heading

    OS X 10.8.2 Supplemental Update

    The OS X Supplemental Update is available via the AppStore or from here: Should cause no issues as only a few extension are contained/modified: IOHIDFamily.kext IOPCIFamily.kext webcontentfilter.kext Installed without problems, but it does not...
  9. Say Heading

    Harddisk Prevents System Boot

    Weird, without having made any changes I suddenly couldn´t boot. The system POSTed normally, recognizing all attached devices, but after "Loading Operating System" it stops where is normally would start chimera (no, I don´t mean the the boot:0 problem). This is true for all my attached devices...
  10. Say Heading

    ML ATI5000Control and others (@HD5770)

    After installation of mountain lion noticed stuttering when dragging windows (no, not window(tm)) across the desktop. But only on displays connected via display port, dvi connected displays worked smoothly. Even with two displays connected to one machine- one by display port, one by dvi - only...
  11. Say Heading

    unintentional change of mount point

    Once in a while a observe an unintentional change of the mount point of one of my hard disk partitions. While the name of the partition as displayed in the finder remains the same, disk utility shows it changed, always in a manner like this: "/Volumes/PartitionName" changes into...
  12. Say Heading

    ACL issue (persists)

    Having a couple of problems with 10.7.2 at the moment I have been stumbling across this issue: Whenever I repair permissions with disk utility on my main HD I always get the same status and repair report. (see attachment) ACL found but not expected on "private/var/root/Library"...
  13. Say Heading

    <SOLVED> Hardware issue? "Faulting CPU"

    Hi, hope someone can help me and explain what is the cause of this panic. As on the screenshot: "(...) Faulting CPU: 0x6 Debugger called: <panic> Backtrace (CPU 6), Frame : Return Address (...)" Could this be a hardware problem or is it caused by how the OS handles the CPUs? I usually get...
  14. Say Heading

    USB 3.0 PCI card recommendation?

    Sorry folks, I remember someone reported an USB 3.0 PCI card working in his sandy bridge hack, but I can´t remember who it was nor were my last hours of forum search successful trying to find the post (must have been between spring and summer this year). As I´m tired of my VLI hub problems I´d...
  15. Say Heading

    ONE autosleep per boot. Just one. Z68X-UD7-B3

    The title says it all. I just get one autosleep after booting the hack. Not more. It will not fall asleep again automatically. Only after a reboot. Forced sleep works fine anytime. The system is 10.6.8 with F6 dsdt from the database. Same behaviour on 10.6.8 and lion with F7 and dsdt from...
  16. Say Heading

    (SOLVED) iTunes and iSync problem

    I cannot sync my iPhone with iTunes as it always fails with a message like "cannot sync, sync process cannot be started". Also I noticed that the iSync app cannot be started manually. Strange though that on the same machine/system (regardless whether it´s booted as 10.6.7 or 10.6.8) other users...
  17. Say Heading

    How to?: GPT boot error (way(s) to get rid off)

    I noticed several posts dealing with this issue. Maybe we can collect our workarounds here. They may be very different and depending on whatever is causing it. Let me start with what I had recently: Situation: "GPT boot error" displayed when trying to boot from a brand new formatted and...
  18. Say Heading

    SMBIOS options for Z68X and others?

    Just wondering, apart from the wiki information about this topic, any suggestions what would be the most reasonable system definition to be used on the actual sandy bridge boards? Beyond pure cosmetical issues in system profiler: What are the effects of the new iMac and MBP descriptions on...
  19. Say Heading

    2011 MBPs with 6Gb/s internal SATA?

    Can anyone confirm? Offers interesting options for 10.f.g the future :lol:
  20. Say Heading

    Chameleon vs. W7 sleep (and OS X?)

    I just stumbled across a sleep issue with Windows 7 and I´m worrying whether this could also have an effect on OS X sleep issues: I have 10.6.6 installed with Multibeast and it´s chameleon bootloader RC5 - sandy bridge. All is fine so far, just minor details, but definitely sleep bothering me...