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  1. loganlo

    GTX 1080 working on Mojave BUT....

    Hi everyone .. I just wanna share my screen :)) Got Mojave installed and tried to run with GTx 1080 and wait to see what happen.. when it pop out 2 screens were so happy I thought it work .. but yeah it kind lag . and here my screen with Geekbench I forgot this is my new mackintosh with Asus...
  2. loganlo

    Help x79 sabertooth x79

    Hi everyone I need help with my hackintosh Sierra 10.12.6 . I was run really well till I ran cleanmymac and install chrome browser. When I open chrome browser then it auto reboot and got stuck with spinning . I tried to reinstall by recovery mode but same problem . I just don’t want reinstall...
  3. loganlo

    [Solved] Help install sierra on E6750 and G41M

    Hi everyone !!! Have ayone installed macOS on G41M - ES2H ? Please share your config.plist or boot flag i tried to install with Clover and Multibeast also but got stuck at Apple logo . tried with -v -x and stuck at black screen
  4. loganlo

    Sierra won't boot after install WoodooPs2Controller

    I got my laptop hp m6-w011dx installed sierra . Everything went fine with external USB keyboard and mousse but internal keyboard and mounse weren't work . I tried to install WoodooPs2Controller and restart but it won't boot !! It were stuck at apple logo and auto restart !
  5. loganlo

    Stuck with Mavericks

    Please can someone me one help me with this error My system is sabertooth x79 ,i7 3970, gtx 970
  6. loganlo

    Help!!! Which board for i7 3970x

    Hi everyone ! My system 's sabertooth x79 +3970x and gtx 970 . I just broke the mainboard now am looking for new mainboard . Please help me to pick good one and full load hackintosh . Thanks !!!
  7. loganlo

    AHCI for sabertooth x79

    HI everyone ... i just done installed ML .. everything were good ... But i have a problem with AHCI .. Please can someone help me with this ... what kext do i need for it... i did spend hours on google but didn't see the answer ... Thanks a lot !! My system : Sabertooth x79 , 3930k