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  1. jaraheel

    Dominus Extreme + W-3175x

    Can one build a hackintosh using the Asus' Dominus Extreme (built around C621 chipset) motherboard paired with a w-3175x CPU?
  2. jaraheel

    Problems booting after BIOS update

    Hi all, I have a Rampage VI Extreme, and I just updated the BIOS to 1603. It turns out that now I have difficulty booting. The system gets into random kernel panics, and posts a ton of the following: TIMEOUT numcmd=1,sent=1,received=0 And when it finally boots, there is no USB device...
  3. jaraheel

    << Solved >> what is the cause of this kernel panic

    Hello everyone, I got a kernel panic, and below is the report of it. Can someone please tell me what caused it, and so how to remedy it? Anonymous UUID: 49277A94-315B-6B7B-4492-48BB2BBA79F5 Fri Mar 16 02:49:15 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 29 caller 0xffffff8004b6e349): Kernel...
  4. jaraheel

    problems with graphics on high sierra

    I just managed to get a stable hackintosh on my machine. I have a GTX 1080 Ti, and a GTX 1050 Ti. I have installed the nVidia's web driver (ver. 159). I use the 1080 Ti mostly, but the 1050 Ti has the same problem (I do not have both GPUs installed at the same time, rather a friend wants to buy...
  5. jaraheel

    is 2699v3 hackintoshable?

    I just got a xeon 2699 v3 CPU, and wanna make a hackintosh. Is it possible to do so with a rampage v extreme? If so, should I follow the installation guide for x99?
  6. jaraheel

    problems with audio after new GPU

    Hi, I swapped my GPU for a Gigabyte HD7970 - And all of a sudden now the onboard audio on my Rampage IV Black is intermittent. I can stream via airplay but it still is very intermittent. Headphones or speakers connected to onboard sound doesn't work at all. Please help!
  7. jaraheel

    bluetooth randomly stopped working

    Hi, I have a Rampage IV Black that has a built in bluetooth adapter by broadcom. Everything was working perfectly until for some reason my magic trackpad disappeared from the list of devices. I have tried everything I could think of to get it to work again, but without any luck. When I...