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  1. BurtRichalds

    Clover loads to black screen then restarts or freezes.

    After selecting my boot drive my clover instal just goes black. Screen acts like their is no signal. Sometimes it restarts. Accidentally installed an updated UEFI clover thing on this website today and then had troubles starting used multibeast to add kext files and now this issue happens...
  2. BurtRichalds

    Can't Overclock i7 4770K with clover and El Cap

    In my bios (Gigabyte z87x-ud5h) i've set the OC to the 4.3 setting they have built in. This worked fined in Yosemite and Chimera. I know do this and "About this Mac" says I'm only running 3.5 GHz, and my clover boot.log says the same. Any tips or help to make this work?
  3. BurtRichalds

    Random Constant Freezing on new Hackintosh z87x-Ud5h

    New to this whole Hackintosh thing and my build is freezing randomly. Can be minutes after start up or hours. I used the july buyers guide to build my system and had only minor issues for the longest time (audio kept turning on and off while use roland Quad Capture interface, or after leaving...
  4. BurtRichalds

    Can boot in Verbose mode, but cant get past the apple white boot screen normally.

    I've had my hackintosh up and running for about a week now when all of a sudden I got a kernel crash at the apple boot screen. Restarted the computer with and had no problems but now on every other start up it crashes at the apple white boot screen, if i boot in verbose mode it starts up no...