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  1. jackieboy8

    G5 Chameleon Color, Sweet Dreams mod

    Dear readers, I didn't know if it really matters but I did another G5 build this year and thought you guys might like some pics and vids. Today Ill just post some video's and if you guys like I will also post the build pics. Sorry for the bad quality, will make a new HQ video soon. Reason for...
  2. jackieboy8

    nVidia Quadro NVS285 loaded but not working

    I have a NVS285 and I see it get loaded in the system by chimera but when Lion is booted it is seen as an 3MB unknown card. Could you plz fix this. THX
  3. jackieboy8

    Asus GTS250 1GB doesn't work with GraphicsEnabler=yes in ch.

    My Asus GTS250 1GB doesn't work in Chamera with GraphicsEnabler=Yes on Lion I need NVenabler.kext And when will Chameleon 2.1 trunks be used? Thx