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  1. tk007b

    Restart failing on Big Sur

    Hi guys I’ve installed Big Sur, all is well except I can’t restart my computer If I power it off and start it, then it boots fine but whenever I use the restart option it crashes part way through the boot process (see screenshots attached) Any ideas on how to resolve this ? Cheers TK Big...
  2. tk007b

    Updating OpenCore

    Hi guys, I'm trying to update my version of OpenCore and am getting nowhere fast. Reason: tried upgrading Big Sur to Monterey and got "A required firmware update could not be installed" error. I have OC 6.4 and need 7.4 to resolve this, apparently I have downloaded 7.4 and copied these files...
  3. tk007b

    << Solved >> Big Sur - Disk Space Not Accurate

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded from Mojave to Big Sur. All went well but I noticed when having a bit of a clear down that no matter how many files I delete, the disk usage levels remain the same. For example, I have deleted more than 30GB but even after a reboot, the disk space usage has not...
  4. tk007b

    ASUS Geforce GT 730 2GB - Issues

    Hi folks, Been doing a lot of searchinf/reading but slightly confused and going round in circles. I am running El Cap but plan on going to Sierra, so I purchased the GT 730 (wondering now if that was a bad idea). Firstly, I had to disable Nvidia in Clover boot settings for my machine to boot...
  5. tk007b

    Video Card Options for Hackintosh

    Hi all, My videocard died yesterday Nvidia P1310. It allowed me to run El Cap but not Sierra. Without spending fortunes can you advise me on sensible options for a future proof replacement Many thanks in advance TK :-) Running El Cap on Dell Inspiron 3847
  6. tk007b

    Sierra Install (from El Capitan) Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hi there, I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 running EL Capitan and I am trying to get it upgraded to Sierra. I have followed the instructions and get the Install Boot Sierra startup option after rebooting/running the sierra app I also copied all the kexts from the library kexts folder (unhiding...