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  1. Agamjot

    Need Urgent Help with Intel UHD 620 Graphics

    Can you link any guide or walk me thru?
  2. Agamjot

    Intel UHD 620 graphics

    Can you Tell me how did you solve it
  3. Agamjot

    Help! Mojave UHD 620

    Any guides?
  4. Agamjot

    Need Urgent Help with Intel UHD 620 Graphics

    so i have a dell inspiron 15 5000 laptop and i have been trying for past 2 weeks to get the graphics to work i have already used hackintool (no result) i tried coregraphicsfixup, whatevergreen, ig platform ids and stuff but i end up at sameplace everytime it will be nice of you to provide any...
  5. Agamjot

    Help! Mojave UHD 620

    So, I have a Dell Inspiron 5570 and I used unibeast to install Mojave on it successfully and with voodoop2s kext I got my keyboard and trackpad to work Now the issue is that my Gpu is only detected as 7 mb without hardware acceleration The on board GPU Is Intel UHD 620 Any kind of help will be...
  6. Agamjot

    Is there a way to create a Mojave Hackintosh

    i have a intel 8th gen build i7 8700k gigabyte z370 ultra gaming and gtx 1050ti i want to get on the mojave i have a high sierra hackintosh running is there a way to build a new fresh mojave hackintosh for now
  7. Agamjot

    Help with FCPX

  8. Agamjot

    Help with FCPX

    how to make FCPX faster intel i7 8700k GTX 1050 ti 16 GB corsair vengeance lpx I can't buy anything just if there anything to make it work faster / better
  9. Agamjot

    [Success] Core i7-8700K, Gigabyte Z370, GTX1050Ti first build, I need help

    Mate Can you give me the driver kexts i have same specs as your