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  1. john511

    Multibeast crashed my PC everytime

    Hi there, I just made a clear install on my pc with 10.8.4. It can boot by my usb drive. However, when I try to make thing to the last by installing multibeast, I click Easybeast as the past I had did. And the result is my PC can't boot in to OS X. Than I try to select the component that I...
  2. john511

    Problem on Multibeast installation

    I've just success have a clean install of 10.8.3. System can boot by using the usb driver, however, when I try to install easybeast on multibeast, it will cause kernel panic. But everything is fine when install easybeast on 10.8.0. So, what should I choose in Multibeast, and is there any...
  3. john511

    Can not use my iCloud account create on my hackintosh to sign in App Store and Itunes

    After I finally can get in iCloud ion my Hackintosh, I have create several accounts and they are all successful sign in through my hackintosh or iCloud web. But when I try to login my iTunes and App store through those accounts. Problem occurs. iTunes would said "we could not complete your...
  4. john511

    what is the best budget graphics card for hackintosh

    I only have $90 usd to upgrade my graphics card, any recommend? If I buy the used graphic card in ebay in the same budget, what card would be great?