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  1. d3nnis

    [Success] My First Hackintosh: MSI B360M Bazooka + i5-8400 + RX 580

    Update: shift to Opencore using the attached EFI so that can install Big Sur 11.2.1 [Success] d3nnis's First Hackintosh: MSI B360M Bazooka + i5-8400 + RX 580 Components Intel i5-8400 Processor
  2. d3nnis

    [Solved] Shutdown = Reboot

    Hi after upgrading to Mojave, whenever i try to shutdown, the system will just reboot instead. i have patched the USB (after numerous tries and help from RehabMan) tried to disable/enable ERP fixshutdown/fixshutdown_0004 both dont work attached the PR file please help [SOLVED] 1. enabling...
  3. d3nnis

    [solved] Help needed to Patch SSDT

    Hi Need help to patch the SSDT. i followed the instructions in and manage to figure out the ports i need HS03/SS03 HS04/SS04 HS05/SS05 HS06/SS06 HS07 HS08 but unable to find out which ports is for the...
  4. d3nnis

    Magic Mouse 1 Connection Intermittent

    I just got my Broadcom BCM943602CS card installed. The wifi works OOB. For bluetooth, it is able to connect my magic mouse gen 1. But for some reason, after using a while, the connection will be lost and after like a few minutes later it will connect back. oh yeah, i am using 10.14.2 Anyone...
  5. d3nnis

    [Solved] Unable to Boot after updating to Clover 4784

    my system is running fine on High Sierra and Clover 4630. then I went to update my Clover to 4784 using Clover Configurator. Now it is unable to boot. attached is the verbose screenshot. please assist thanks so much