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  1. Yoga

    Is Pike's AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy needed with WhateverGreen/Lilu?

    Hi there, Running El Capitan (audio build in sig) and about to swap from a nvidia 980 to AMD R9 380 to hopefully fix a GFX glitch. I have this in my config: <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy (board-id) Patch (c) Pike R...
  2. Yoga

    Vanilla (OOB/Native) GFX card for El Capitan

    Hey there, I use a 980 Ti GTX with Nvidia web drivers, but I get an annoying graphic glitch multiple times a day (using LCD TV as screen) which means I have change the resolution or toggle TV input to fix it. Had enough of it! Which card can I drop in that works out of the box with native...
  3. Yoga

    Help! 950 NVMe disappeared from BIOS

    Hey there, I've been booting from it since day 1. Long story short, I made the bad idea to 'upgrade' to 64GB RAM but it borked the setup and resulted in a full day of trying to fix it (kernel panic first - memory alloc, then it wouldn't get past the very first OsxAptioDrv bit - even though I...
  4. Yoga

    Skylake Build has become self aware - turns itself on!

    I think my hackintosh enjoys being on ;) Shutdown was working fine until very recently, I've not changed anything. Now it will turn off (nice and quickly), but then turn on 4-5 seconds later, without fail. - Mac Pro 2013 definition - Latest FakeSMC - Clover: FixShutdown enabled - Clover...
  5. Yoga

    Does Clover recognise refresh rate via ScreenResolution?

    Does this work? <key>ScreenResolution</key> <string>3840x2160x32@60</string>
  6. Yoga

    Anyone else using a 4K TV as a monitor?

    Evening! I'm using a Sony Bravia as my main monitor. Working (HDMI to DVI cable) 1080p HiDPI (retina) via SwitchResX Chroma 4:4:4 60Hz Not working (Direct HDMI cable) 60Hz via HDMI 2.0 No text scaling options in Display settings (Mac thinks the TV is 1080p and not 4K) 1) Is there a way to...
  7. Yoga

    [Skylake] Flawless Sleep/Wake on Asus boards

    Has anyone accomplished this? Sleep/wake doesn't work on my system (see signature, Asus Z170 Hero VIII build). I'm not using DSDT or SSDT files, however SpeedStep/power management and overclocking is working flawlessly. Update For those it may help, enabling ErP (BIOS: Advanced -> APM) and...
  8. Yoga

    [SOLVED] Stuck at DSMOS Has Arrived - 6700K, Hero VIII, 980GTX

    Hi, I had El Capitan running for a few days until I decided to update the BIOS and overclock. Messed up the system and I've had no end of trouble since. Currently got to this when booting (attached). flags: dart=0 nvda_drv=1 npci=0x3000 cpus=1 Specs are in sig. Using 6,1...
  9. Yoga

    [20K Geekbench] Z97X, 4970K (4.7Ghz), 770GTX, 32GB Ram (2133MHz)

    Thought I'd share this beauty of a system for those that are looking for a fast machine. Geekbench 2 @ 64bit = 20,537 Cinebench 15 Open GL: 121 fps System - Gigabyte Z97X UD5H, F8 BIOS - Intel 4790K 'Devils Canyon' 4GHz - MSI Twin Frozr 770 GTX - 32GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical...
  10. Yoga

    Mystery: SpeedStep - Clover - z97x - 4790K

    Hi, I'm running a Gigabyte Z97 UD5H + 4790K combo. Clover is set to not generate C/P states (turned on in the BIOS, however), yet SpeedStep is fully working (checking with the Intel Power Gadget). I do not have an SSDT installed either. It crashes very rarely - would it be better to...
  11. Yoga

    [Kext] 2011 iMac AppleCPUPowerManagement

    Package contents... Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 08.32.59.png Updates: New ATI drivers, new kernel (10.7.4) 2011 MBP AppleCPUPowerManagement is 2011 iMac AppleCPUPowerManagement is (attached)
  12. Yoga

    4GB/sec Read/Write RAM disk

    And why not? Very useful to use as cache or temp folder that's cleared upon each power cycle. For those worried about SSD usage, this can be a nice way to reduce disk read/writes.
  13. Yoga

    Sata III 6G

    Since the 2011 MBP supports SATA III, one would imagine the necessary modified kexts are available in both the 2011 MBP install disk (illegal) and the 10.6.7 MBP combo update (legal). Anyone had a look into this yet? Is there any reason we can't get this working now?
  14. Yoga

    Sandy Bridge Benchmark/Performance Thread

    Now people have sucessfully built fully working SB macs, let's see how they perform, whether they're stable, and how we can tweak/squeeze more performance out of them. Over time, we can discover the optimal settings and configurations. Make sure you re-post settings after you tweak your system...
  15. Yoga

    Which Sound Card (OSX 64 bit)?

    Herrow :) Although I have sound (latest MB), there is a very slight crackle/noise that has popped up recently. Is there a good quality sound card (preferably internal) that works OOB with 64 bit OSX?
  16. Yoga

    [FIX] Audio Crack/Pops with HDA

    After installing 10.6.7 SB with the 892 enabler, I was getting pops/cracks at the start of a 'new' sound (i.e. after a period of no sound output). It could be linked to he MacBook Pro definition needed in order to boot. Regardless, here's a fix...
  17. Yoga

    Anyone using 10.6.7 SB with eSATA?

    I have two eSATA drives, and I've installed the JMicron36xeSata kext using MultiBeast. The thing is, the OS can't see them. Oddly enough, the drive can be seen by Chameleon, so it's something to do with the drivers. I have a feeling it may be to do with smbios.plist - the MacBook Pro...
  18. Yoga

    [SOLVED] So close! Asus P67, 5870, ATI Package

    I used the ATI Package that Gordo mentioned in his guide, which resulted in myself being able to boot into a smooth 64 bit, 16GB RAM OS X. BOOYAH! But, the DisplayPort doesn't work any longer, my Apple Cinema Screen (24") goes black with no picture (using DVI + old 1280x1024 monitor now). It...
  19. Yoga

    DSDT - what are the *essential* edits?

    Hi there, I'd like to go down the DSDT route, but there are countless guides and threads. It's all very confusing. Is there a set of edits that are critical/essential? I'd like to start with the minimal edits and add sound/network, then cosmetic changes down the line. :thumbup:
  20. Yoga

    ATI + AnVAL = Black Screen & 100% GPU fan

    I've noticed a few other people with this issue, all seem to have an ATI card. Might be useful to have a thread in which to debug and test. First off, to those in the know, with a 5870, is the ATI bootloader + GraphicsEnabler=yes necessary, since the card is used in Mac Pro's? Secondly, for...