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  1. sgrunt12002

    Monterey with Intel i7 9700KF need help

    Hi I have this configuration: MB: Asus Rog Strix z390-F CPU: Intel i7 9700KF 3.60 Ghz GPU: Radeon RX 5700XT Ram: 16 Gb I tried to install Monterey but with no success. I followed several discussions and guides but the hardware was not always the same as mine. Can anyone give me some guidance on...
  2. sgrunt12002

    Update to Mojave from High Sierra Radeon HD5750 doesnt work

    Hi I update directly to Mojave after update Clover to r4674. All is working but My graphic Radeon HD5750. THe display is only in low resolution Any solutions. Thanks
  3. sgrunt12002

    [Solved] No Audio and AMD HD 5750 Doesn't Work Correctly

    hi guys! I update directly to mojave. Before this I updtae clover to r4674. All is workinmg but audio realtek and amd hd 5750 with no hardware acceleration. I install lilu and whatevergreen but nothing change. I dont know well how works whatevergreen with radeon graphics. Some specific guide? or...