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  1. Thunderpants

    Clevo W110ER

    Sorry for this very late reply. I'm contemplating this machine as well, and wondered about which of the many processors on offer makes the best compromise between power, heat, battery life, etc. Turns out they all consume the same amount of power and they all offer miserable battery life...
  2. Thunderpants

    Problem with my first build

    Great to hear it's going well... hope that bluetooth thingy comes up trumps. How awesome is your new machine?
  3. Thunderpants

    Problem with my first build

    Don't worry, USB 3 will eventually work. It's just a pain in the derriere at this stage of setting things up. (I had the same problem as I recall) I also had that white screen problem, which drove me nuts. The only solution I found, by trial and error, was by selecting a different mac-variant...
  4. Thunderpants

    CustoMac Budget ATX or Mac Mini?

    No, you don't get millions of updates every week. I haven't seen any disruptive system updates since building my machine in Autumn last year. There was an Aluminium Keyboard update last week which I installed. It had zero impact on my life, the stability of my machine, or the wellbeing of my...
  5. Thunderpants

    CustoMac Budget ATX or Mac Mini?

    I'd build my own machine too for all the reasons already given. (in fact, I already did.) But to be fair to Apple, nothing you can build will ever be as cute / compact as a Mac Mini, and the Mac Mini will probably be worth something in 5 years time, whereas your own creation will be worth...
  6. Thunderpants

    Problem with my first build

    Is your Mountain Lion installer plugged into a USB 3 port (one of the blue ones) - try putting it in another port of the USB 2 variety.
  7. Thunderpants

    Will this work?

    That looks awesome and should be fine. I don't know why you want a sound card or if it'll work -- audio on the UP5 works great. I also can't say anything about that Bluray drive. Other than that you are 100% on safe ground. Have fun!
  8. Thunderpants

    Can i run hackintosh, and if so how?

    Processor and video card are fine... no idea about the motherboard. But look what I found (see awesome search function, above) Video tutorials! Holy cow! Great job MrNeal0216!
  9. Thunderpants

    Advice Needed: Dual ~23" Monitor Setup

    Whatever you do, avoid the Samsung S24B150. Worst monitor ever!
  10. Thunderpants

    Hackintosh vs iMac in India

    "I am not going to be over-clocking the processor. The price difference is US$ 30 between 3570K and 3570. Should I get the 3570 instead?" Definitely. The "K" just means the processor has been unlocked, and can easily be overclocked. If you won't overclock, there is no sense in spending extra on...
  11. Thunderpants

    Hackintosh vs iMac in India

    Personally I would ditch the Dell monitor...getting something a little less wonderful would half the costs. I'd also save a few $$s with the processor -- unless you're sure you'll get round to overclocking that thing. (I have the 3770K and I have to admit I might as well have saved 40 Euros by...
  12. Thunderpants

    First Hackintosh - Gaming Build

    I've got the 660 and I'm not sure if I'd recommend it. For most games it is fine and together with the i7-3770 it makes a pretty awesome system... but I have had one or two problems, specifically in Borderlands 2. In Mac OS I have to switch off pretty much all SFX in the game or I get weird and...
  13. Thunderpants

    Alternate power supply for CustoMac Pro build

    The chances are that any power supply will have far more connectors than you'll ever need, and not too few. Actually, if I was buying a new one today I might go for a modular power supply, in which only the bare essentials are hard wired and all the other cables are detachable. I have the...
  14. Thunderpants

    Alternate power supply for CustoMac Pro build

    I have never used either of those, but I would venture to say that the 750 watt PSU you're looking at is probably major overkill. With that graphic card you could probably get away with a 350 watt PSU. I would aim for 500 to 600 watts. (thought I am quite noobish so if someone knows better I...
  15. Thunderpants

    My Almost Final Build - need advice on V-Card, few questions left

    I have the GTX 660 (non Ti) which is cheaper than the 660TI, but I can't say I'm over the moon about it. It works fine but I don't really see it as being a quantum leap from the ancient graphic card in my 2009 imac (Radeon 4850, I believe.) The only game I play at the moment is Borderlands 2...
  16. Thunderpants

    Tough call... Mac Mini or CustoMac?

    I spent ages trying to GET RID of the chime on my iMac... eventually found a hack of some kind that disabled it...the hack broke when I upgraded to Mountain Lion so I am back in thunderous, annoying Chime land. I hadn't even noticed that my Hackintosh doesn't chime. I am sure there is a way to...
  17. Thunderpants

    And now i'm stuck (need a good gpu)

    If you're looking for a good GPU that doesn't cost more than your processor but which can handle pretty much every game on the planet, you should look at the MSI GTX 660 TF... (TF, not TI) -- Works great in my Hackintosh, & laughs at every game I can throw at it in Windows. All those GTX 660...
  18. Thunderpants

    [SUCCESS] mishaxz's Build: Core i7-3770 (not K!) - GA-H77-D3H - 16GB RAM - NVIDIA GT 640

    I don't think you made a mistake getting the plain 3770 --- I got the 3770k more for psychological reasons than practical ones. Would I notice a drop in performance if someone sneaked in and swapped my 3770K for a 3770? Definitely not! Both chips are hellishly fast; like city dwelling greyhounds...
  19. Thunderpants

    GPU dilemma

    Well, after some thought on 550s, 560s, TIs and OCs... and reading reviews, looking at benchmarks, my head hurts. So I said "sod it" and bought the 660 instead, which ought to keep me happy for the next few years. 200 Euros, seems reasonable, and most of the reviews were really good. I got the...
  20. Thunderpants

    GPU dilemma

    I've just got my first Hackintosh up and running. Z77X UP5, 3770k, lots of Corsair logos on everything else. In my bid to save some cash I ended up buying an XFX 6870 2Gb video card on ebay. I was rather miffed to find it a) dusty and b) louder than hell; sadly I'd had it lying around for so...