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  1. jbarnette

    Best of Both worlds? can I have Nvida and AMD?

    anyone know of any way I can via the bios or some other way switch on and off the video cards so that tI could have AMD and Nvidia cards installed and turn them on and off in hardware or bios. I dual boot and would like to enjoy my Nvidia card in windows, but I would like to have it be ignored...
  2. jbarnette

    Hackintoshes not getting updates with OpenCore.

    is there something in OpenCore that keeps the Software updater from seeing that there is an update? All of my Hackintoshes have the same issue and have for the last few updates. I have had to force the updates all manually. like right now the one that I'm on is on 11.01. and it says that I'm...
  3. jbarnette

    Can you update from the updater in the OS? I was scared to do this.

    I have Big sir from eh original private beta installed. I have been hesitant to hit the update button? will it work?
  4. jbarnette

    What would cause a non-boot all of the sudden. No hardware change at all!

    Ok so this system has been running flawlessly for prolly 6 months to a year. Specs are Latest mac OS and latest OC 6.0 Asus TUF z390M pro gaming i9-9900k 23GB ram and a VEGA 64 SMBIOS iMac Pro 1,1 Intel NVME boot drive. 1TB Everything was working fine. I had a SATA drive that I needed to...
  5. jbarnette

    New Build ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 E Gaming Anyone got one fo these with OC?

    New Build ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 E Gaming Anyone got one fo these with OC? Having a really hard time getting this thing running. The Documentation on the OC site is awful like it was written by a programmer and never proof read. Just skips large sections like telling you how to use windows to...
  6. jbarnette

    ASUS TUF Z390M PRO Gaming can't boot to OS X after BIOS 2606

    Why what has been stable as can be till now Hackintosh. won't boot after updating the BIOS to version 2606. Anyone else had this issue? UPDATE: This one is fixed now thanks to @pastrychef
  7. jbarnette

    5700XT freezes at 5 minute idle every time.

    So I'm not sure what is going on here I thought I had this problem beat with the the boot arguments it went away and the system idled fine for over a week then the other night I disconnect the HDMI cable and when I reconnected it was locked up and no video. I rebooted it and now it is back to...
  8. jbarnette

    About to do new FULL ATX Build Wanted buying advice on what Z390 full ATX board to get?

    From what I can tell None of them have working WIFI and BT out of the box and require add in PCIE card is that accurate? What one is the more stable and problem free. I have a MATX Build but I want to build a Full ATX for the office here soon and was wondering what you guys thought? I'm partial...
  9. jbarnette

    10GBe does anyone know if this card works? is generic sold by Aquantia AQN-107

    Does anyone know if these Generic cards sold by Aquantia work? To my knowledge the AQN-107 is supported natively is this correct? I want to put one in my hackintosh but also in a MacPro 5,1 that is running Mojave, And a windows machine.
  10. jbarnette

    i9-9900K getting same result with Z390 from Gigabyte and ASUS

    So I tried reinstalling what was a working system guilt on the gigabyte Z390M gaming Motherbaord and and i9-9900k with you can read about "Here" G4 quicksilver conversion 2019 Powermac i9 and every time I would get a portion of the way into the install I would get this. "See Video here" so...
  11. jbarnette

    i9-9900k All current updates, then the sudden rebooting over and over.

    Not sure what happened today I came home and it seemed like some thing were really strange the dynamic wall papers on my desktops were all white even in the system preferences window where you select them. I shut everything down and rebooted and when it came back up it started going into a boot...
  12. jbarnette

    << Solved >> ROM and SMUUID info getting tossed out! NVRAM Values in clover not taking?

    I hope this is the right forum. I have a really crazy issue that is manifesting a ton of problems. Ok so what is going on it that the SMUUID and MLB that I have in my config.plist file are getting tossed out by MacOS. This just started out of the blue about a week and a half ago out of the...
  13. jbarnette

    iMessage just stopped working for no reason. anyone else having this?

    On Mojave 10.14.3 I have had no issues with iMessage at all. I was even using it earlier today. I came back after dinner this evening and all of the sudden I was getting message on my phone and not on my Hackintosh. and when I would try to send or receive on the machine peoples names were in...
  14. jbarnette

    << Solved >> Samsung 970 500GB M.2 SSD speed tanked. any ideas what could cause this to drop to about 20% of the original speed?

    Samsung 970 500GB M.2 SSD speed tanked. any ideas what could cause this to drop to about 20% of the original speed? I used to get a little over 2GB-1.5GB per sec writes on this SSD when it was new. I have the same one in my Mac Pro and it is still getting me a solid 1.5GB/sec Now when I run...
  15. jbarnette

    So what do the new iMacs mean for for i9-9900k users?

    So what do the new iMacs mean for for i9-9900k users? is apple using the z390 chipset in these iMacs? Can i9-9900k users use this profile and have better compatibility? what would it be? iMac ??,?
  16. jbarnette

    [SUCCESS] jbarnette's Build - ASUS TUF Z390 M Gaming + i9-9900K + Sapphire RX Vega 64 8GB + 32GB RAM + MacOS 10.14.3 w/ USB3 working!

    jbarnette's Build: Core i9-9900K - GA-Z390M Gaming - Sapphire RX Vega64 8GB Components Intel i9-9900K 3.6GHz 8 Core, 16 Threads Processor Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming...
  17. jbarnette

    Can someone tell me a z390 MATX board that the USB 3works with the i9-9900K

    Can someone tell me a z390 MATX board that the USB 3works with the i9-9900K. I bought a "Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming" back in Febuary But I cannot get the USB 3 to work I have tried every thing as far as tutorials for making a SSDT. I have followed the info in the Hackintool to the letter. None of it...
  18. jbarnette

    Vega 64 not working after reinstall now getting a pink box.

    I had another issue that lead to me having to reinstall my machine from scratch. I have it all working again on 10.14.3. But no all of the sudden I'm getting some kinda really weird thing going on with the Sapphire Vega 64 card. everything appears to boot normal when it would normally show the...
  19. jbarnette

    Cant boot after trim force command issued?

    the other day I updated to 14.3 and so far everything has been great. However I noticed that the 2 Samsung EVO 860 SSD that I have in a raid 1 for video editing both had trim disabled. So I didn't what I have always done an issued the "sudo trimforce enable" command. after the reboot the system...
  20. jbarnette

    G4 Quicksilver conversion to 2019 PowerMac i9 with LED Logo in Space Grey (Updated)

    So I have been working on this for a bit I have the following Hardware going into a G4 Quicksilver case. Intel i9-9900K 3.6GHz 8 Core, 16 Threads Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Motherboard 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR 4 Ram 500GB Samsung EVO 970 NVMe M.2 Sapphire RX Vega 64 8GB HBM2 PCI-e...