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  1. boslaw

    Black screen after upgrade from Mojave to Catalina +++++++++++++++

    The first part of the installation worked fine. On reboot to clover, no matter which option I choose (install to catalina or boot to catalina) I get a black screen. I'm using HDMI cable. I've tried plugging into my Radeon RX 580 card as well as the MOBO HDMI port with the same results. I removed...
  2. boslaw

    FCPX rendering still images as colored static

    This is what I get when I insert still images into FCPX. Any idea what could cause this? My video imports are not affected at all. This happens to every still image regardless of size, shape, resolution, etc. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.4 32 GB ram 2.49 GHz i5 processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760...
  3. boslaw

    computer reboots when streaming video (e.g. Plex)

    I am running a plex server to serve VR movies. Whenever I stream a VR movie to a device, my hackintosh almost instantly reboots. I've tried connecting to the movies straight through plex, and also via UPNP. Same results every time Gigabyte UD5h 32 GB ram Intel 3.49GHz Intel i5 NVIDIA GeForce...
  4. boslaw

    Installer Disk Utility can't see Internal HDD's

    I can get to clover, and to the El Cap installer, but when I try to install to my internal drive El Cap can't see it and Disk Util can't see it. I've tried changing SATA ports on the MOBO and I've tried changing hard drives. Computer often immediately shuts down during startup.
  5. boslaw

    Downgrade from El Capitan to Yosemite

    I had a working Yosemite Chimera build. I tried to upgrade to El Capitan using Clover and hosed the system. Is there a guide to show me how to remove Clover and downgrade to Yosemite with Chimera? Thanks
  6. boslaw

    El Capitan Realtek 887 no audio output devices

    Can't get audio to work -- I have tried running audio_realtekALC-110_v1.0h config-audio_cloverALC-110 audio_cloverALC-110_v1.0j none give any success here's my terminal message: Agreement The audio_realtekALC-110 script is for personal use only. Do not distribute the patch, any or all of the...
  7. boslaw

    Clover boot args problem -- entering underscore character doesn't work

    when I try to enter a boot arg that contains an underscore character, the screen looks like I held the underscore key down for a minute -- nv___________________________________________________ I can't seem to enter a single underscore character without this happening. Once the long underscore...
  8. boslaw

    Can't complete install El Capitan Z77 Ds3H

    I created a unibeast 6 USB stick (PNY 32G) I installed El Capitan over my existing Yosemite Chimera installation machine reboots to Clover on USB stick -- I can choose my startup disk or the USB stick. When I choose my startup disk, the machine goes into an endless reboot loop. If I choose USB...