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  1. NewtMostly

    WWDC22 Online Announced for June 6-10, 2022

    I was totally having a pipe dream. OP asked: 'What would you like to see announced?' I don't need the mini-LED but ProMotion would be nice. And I think it would need to be 7k at that size. A larger iMac in general would be nice, though I don't think will happen. Being totally realistic--...
  2. NewtMostly

    WWDC22 Online Announced for June 6-10, 2022

    imac 32" with m2 for under 2 grand
  3. NewtMostly

    OC Monterey - Black Screen

    OC Monterey — Only issue with this fresh install is a period of black screen whenever I change display settings or login. Any ideas?
  4. NewtMostly

    OC Big Sur black screen / nvme issues

    My Open Core Big Sur installation goes black for a few seconds to a minute after at the login screen, then okay. So does my Clover Catalina on a separate drive on same machine. I did actually get a boot up when it didn't do that - after changing the AAPL,ig-platform-id from 07009B3E to...
  5. NewtMostly

    Is this the real end of hackintosh? M1 Macs

    going for a double boot. Catalina and Big Sur, then maybe linux later. I've been using m1s but prefer my simple downgraded system. just like being able to upscale and downscale with my needs and parts prices.
  6. NewtMostly

    Adding Windows 10 & Linux to existing Clover Catalina (Multiboot/tripleboot)

    fyi anyone who comes by this post. I'm testing opencore install with personal hotspot via hb1200 wifi card
  7. NewtMostly

    Struggling to upgrade

    the open core guide requirements include an Ethernet connection... I only have personal hotspot where I am ... what stage is that an issue? thanks
  8. NewtMostly

    Open Core Big Sur — but only have a personal hotspot

    Currently running Catalina Clover and but need to use Xcode 13 for iOS 15 development. I'm a newb at that. I found the guides for Clover and previous OS updates problem-free. But for Open Core, the only comprehensive guide I could find states that an Ethernet connection is needed, but I only...
  9. NewtMostly

    Adding Windows 10 & Linux to existing Clover Catalina (Multiboot/tripleboot)

    Thank you -- I'll try this. Now it's going to include an attempt to install OpenCore Big Sur. Currently on Clover Catalina. The problem is I don't have broadband — I use a personal hotspot — and the open core guide instructs ethernet needed
  10. NewtMostly

    Adding Windows 10 & Linux to existing Clover Catalina (Multiboot/tripleboot)

    Hi, I've got an existing build — a Clover Catalina i5 8500 desktop — that I want to add Windows 10 and Linux to. I have a 500gb SSD, so I suppose the best approach is to add them to the same SSD (but open to other suggestions) What's the best way to proceed? The guides I've seen on here...
  11. NewtMostly

    Is this the real end of hackintosh? M1 Macs

    I feel like M1 is a game changer for laptops more than hack desktops. Mainly because with a desktop -- if you don't mind a large case - you've got such a thermal and expandability advantage. I think the Apple Silicon that comes after M1 will make the case for even Hack desktops less...
  12. NewtMostly

    Is this the real end of hackintosh? M1 Macs

    I'm using two M1s. Mac mini 8gb. MacBook Air 16gb. The Cinebench scores are better than any I've experienced before. And some things work that didn't work with previous Macs and Hacks.. I'm talking features such as Voice Control that used to be buggy for me. But other than that. I find my...
  13. NewtMostly

    Any performance improvement with Big Sur?

    What's the performance improvement on hackintosh with Big Sur?
  14. NewtMostly

    macOS 10.15.7 Supplemental Update

    fine so far. didn't prep or anything and was updating from two point updates back. my macbook pro took 15 mins longer to update
  15. NewtMostly

    Lower cost alternative to the Fenvi FV-T919 Wifi/BT card - The FV-HB1200

    This the one I use. Works great. Get the full functionality you'd expect including watch unlock
  16. NewtMostly

    macOS 10.15.6 Supplemental Update

    Slowest supplemental update ever… One clover behind so hope okay
  17. NewtMostly

    Mac Pro on apple silicon?

    It was funny ;)
  18. NewtMostly

    Mac Pro on apple silicon?

    Yeah, from what I'm seeing, 2 years for an ARM Mac Pro. That'll be expensive though and so there'll still be a lot of hackpro interest. I agree they'll do custom modules to make it even more incompatible :) It's if/when something thermally-constrained and inexpensive like a mid-tier macbook pro...
  19. NewtMostly

    Mac Pro on apple silicon?

    That's the first time I've ever been trolled :) Answer any way you like. I guess you did. Question popped into my mind as I was buying some RAM.
  20. NewtMostly

    Mac Pro on apple silicon?

    When, if ever, will Apple ARM Macs outpace desktop PCs or Hackintoshes for multitasking while doing intensive professional tasks? Eg xcode or fcpx with 20 other programs and 100 tabs running?