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  1. baller1308

    High CPU Speeds

    Might want to take a look at the Activity Monitor and see if you notice any processes causing the high cpu usage.
  2. baller1308

    Help with Post Installation

    If you don't want to do this -> :banghead: (or keep it to a minimum), then it might be best to just buy a mac. Building a Hackintosh isn't always a breeze so you'll occasionally run in to issues throughout the life of your machine. I would take a look at some of the builds that have used...
  3. baller1308

    select proper boot device?

    Yes, the UEFI drive.
  4. baller1308

    select proper boot device?

    Go in to your BIOS and make sure the proper disk is at the top.
  5. baller1308

    Downloading yosemite

    What if you used one of the links from here: This is just the update and not the full installer.
  6. baller1308

    Freezes with 16Gb RAM (works with maxmem=8192)|Z97N-wifi|HD4600

    have you updated the bios firmware on your mobo? maybe even try the beta bios.
  7. baller1308

    YouTube suddenly skips ahead several frames & audio goes out as well

    It might be flash related. Could also be your browser, not sure which you are using. Try watching videos in html5.
  8. baller1308

    Problem starting Steam

    maybe try repairing permissions
  9. baller1308

    *noob* Multibeast Settings help Yosemite

    Have you checked the success builds if any that have used your motherboard?
  10. baller1308

    Adding new drive

    I'm a little confused as to what you are trying to do. Are you trying to add an additional hdd to your current installation or wanting to move from an ssd to the hdd?
  11. baller1308

    Multibeast Configuration

    I don't see anything wrong with those settings.:thumbup:
  12. baller1308

    Long Boot Time

    5s to boot, oh my :wtf: You could boot in verbose mode and see where it is hanging.
  13. baller1308

    Ram issues

    I would check your BIOS settings.
  14. baller1308

    Mavericks will not wake up from sleep.

    I would give the darkwake=0 boot flag a try.
  15. baller1308

    Trackpad Preferences Quits Unexpectedly

    You could try to repair the disk permissions to see if that helps via Disk Utility.
  16. baller1308

    Finder keeps crashing and restarting.

    OP was able to fix the issue by fixing something in Windows :crazy:. What you can try to do is repair your disk permissions via Disk Utility.
  17. baller1308

    I have a question about hard drive firmware.

    Firmware is not installed on the hard drive so reformats have no effect on any firmware changes you may have made.
  18. baller1308

    Boot theme changed after Yosemite

    There might be a backup that was created or it may have unfortunately been overwritten. Check the default theme folder and make sure it's the one that you wanted. Worst case is that you have to redownload the theme and place it as the default theme. /Extra/Themes
  19. baller1308

    USB 3.0 Ports

    As loadedaxe has suggested, do not use the Universal USB 3 drivers. As for the quick start setting panel, what board are you using?
  20. baller1308

    Parallels 8 can't start OS X virtual machine

    Did you read the KB article? Did you read the comments above? My guess is that 5,1 is considered a server and server host computers are unable to support any OS other than Leopard and Snow Leopard per the KB article.