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  1. Promise

    Black screen on boot with HD620/Catalina

    Hi everyone Recently I updated my hackintosh to Catalina. But after this I met a GPU acceleration issue. When I use the same CONFIG.plist file (with FB patch 10.14.4, if-platform-id 59160000) I can’t boot in OS with FrameBuffer KP. So I started a new CONFIG file with Hackintool. I insert device...
  2. Promise

    Having trouble getting my HD620 working.

    After I update my system to 10.14, I can't get my iGPU work. My laptop is LENOVO MIIX720, with 7200U & HD620. All work properly with 10.13.5. But when with 10.14, I can boot only when I inject with ig-platform-id 0x12345678. I've tried several Configs, but failed all the time. When I use...
  3. Promise


    Now I've already hackintosh my Miix 720 with macOS Sierra 10.12.5. But now I'm facing a problem with the battery status, I could not make it work. I've tried RehabMan's ACPIBatteryManager.kext, and patched my DSDT with Lenovo-Miix-720.txt. But it's still not working. Thank you for helping.
  4. Promise

    Could anybody help me out with the NVMe problem

    Hi there. I'm facing a problem that my SUMSUNG PM951(MZVLV256HCHP) couldn't show up. My laptop is Lenovo Miix 5 pro (miix 720 121kb) CPU: I5 7200U; graphic: HD 620; HDD: PM951. Clover 4047, macOS Sierra 10.12.4. I've tried RehabMan's Clover patch, PikeRAlpha's patch, and also NVMegeneric.kext...