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  1. Joyfult

    Laptop trackpad not working using openCore but yes using Clover

    Hi there, I am using Monterey with Clover and everything is working 100%. Wanting to switch to OpenCore, I followed Dortania's guide setting the config properly (attached) and everything works but the trackpad doesn't. The system recognizes it (in the menu it allow me to choose the type of...
  2. Joyfult

    POLL: RehabMan NEW ProBook Installer Maintainer

    RehabMan NEW ProBook Installer Maintainer Hi everybody, Sadly, nguyenmac is not the ProBook Installer maintainer anymore. This post is a POLL to see if the community is agree in order to turn RehabMan into the NEW ProBook Installer Maintainer. So, how many users want that RehabMan...
  3. Joyfult

    OS X El Capitan Public Beta 6 is Out!

    Anyone have already installed it? Cheers.
  4. Joyfult

    OS X El Capitan Public Beta 5 is out, Is it safe to update?

    Please see the title. Cheers
  5. Joyfult

    OS X El Capitan Public Beta 3

    Hi All, May I ask if is already possible to safely install El Capitan PB3? I heard there are some problems with clover and kext. Please, can anyone confirm/deny it? Thank you in advance. Cheers
  6. Joyfult


    Hi, I noticed that if I double click the hard disk icon on my desktop to access for example S/L/E, os x open it like a .pkg file. It open a window and if I open a folder inside this window, it open it in a new window and so on. It happens only with the system disk. Everything is normal with...
  7. Joyfult

    4540s Installation problem

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install yosemite on my new 4540s but I'm stacking at the black screen. Basically I can't reach the installation screen. I'm using an usb stick with I already installed yosemite on my other 4530s one month ago. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. Joyfult

    Samsung SSD 840 evo 120 GB VS 850 evo 120 GB

    Hi guys, Which one should we prefe and why? Thanks.
  9. Joyfult

    OS X Yosemite Finally Out!!!

    Let's wait/organize all the updates (guides, tools etc...)! Is already the moment to move everything here ( Thanks!
  10. Joyfult

    OS X Laptops Compatibility: HP 250 Gx VS 4x40s

    Hi everybody, Just to ask which one of the two laptop's line above is the best in compatibility terms. I choosed this 2 series because in my country are the cheapest ones and are simple to find too (250 Gx more than 4x40s). So "Generally Speaking", which series is the best one? We all know...
  11. Joyfult

    iPhone 5S Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer & Compass Problems

    Hi guys, Yesterday I discovered that my iPhone 5S is not working properly using maps. Basically, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer & Compass act like a crazy (they never stop). Which can be the problem? Please, help me. Thanks!
  12. Joyfult

    F.50 BIOS Update Available (4x30s,4x40s,8x70p etc...)

    Hi guys, Just to inform that HP have updated BIOS for almost all his laptop's lines. I checked for 4x30, 4x40 and 8x70p models, but should be for the others too. Please remember: After BIOS or hardware update, is recommended to re-patch DSDT following proper guides. Thanks!
  13. Joyfult

    Audio problem 10.9.4

    Hi everybody! I have this problem: I'm using my 4530s with Mavericks 10.9.4 and external BOSE speakers and sometimes, the audio simply go away. The only way to solve the issue, is to take out the jack and put it back again. Someone have the same issue? If yes, please report it here...
  14. Joyfult

    OS X Update 10.9.4 is out

    Like title say update 10.9.4 is out! Is it safe to update with clover and chameleon? Thanks!
  15. Joyfult

    Which HDD/SSD for 4x30s laptops?

    My actual internal HDD is going to die any moment. I wish to know, now that I have to replace it, which one I have to buy? I mean, which characteristics should (or shouldn't) it have? Please give me the specifics for a new HDD or a SSD. EDIT: I found these SSD models (please confirm me that...
  16. Joyfult

    Read/Write Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted HD in Windows 8.1

    Hi folks, I have an external Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted HD with all my mac and windows related files (program setups etc...). The problem is that I can't read/write it in windows 8.1. I would dual booting (windows 8.1, mavericks 10.9.3 and maybe ubuntu 14.04 too) my laptop...
  17. Joyfult

    Problem with power plug and battery

    Hi guys, When I'm on power plug and I pass to use the laptop with the battery (or the opposite (passing from battery to power plug)), the laptop restart itself automatically. Like you can read here...
  18. Joyfult

    Laptop -> HDMI -> TV

    What's is going on everybody? I have a strange line (I don't know how to explain that) that appear sometimes when I have my laptop connected to my hd-ready tv. It's not every time, but is a little bit annoying. It's the tv, the hdmi cable or a kext related problem? Thanks!
  19. Joyfult

    Strange thing

    Hello guys, I have a java installation window appear every time I power on my laptop reaching the mavericks dektop. Is pretty annoying, because I don't want to install java on my system. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  20. Joyfult

    Explications About Some Repeating Console Messages

    Explications About Some Repeating Console Messages Please I have some console messages (repeating several times) that I don't understand. Maybe someone can help me... 30/12/13 16:21:59,907 plugin-container[964]: AVF error: Perf capability check failed: 0xe00002bc 30/12/13 16:21:59,907...