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  1. matt77303

    The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged

    Hi guys Getting this messsge on the second stage of a fresh install.... Any ideas? The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again. Clean download of installer from App Store onto a fresh usb...
  2. matt77303

    El capitan USB issues - possible fix.

    EDIT: El capitan 10.11.1 The release of the 10.11.1 update, added native support for the USB chipset on the Z97-D3H motherboard. :thumbup: This makes this fix kind of redundant for this board. The best way to have full working USB on this board with no issues with sleep, no need to disable...
  3. matt77303

    bootflag question.

    im sure I've read you shouldn't boot using rootless=0 any more and with the new sip system kext-dev-mode=1 isn't required anymore. according to my config.plist file clover is booting with <key>Boot</key> <dict> <key>Arguments</key> <string>nvda_drv=1</string> but according to...
  4. matt77303

    Csr flag question

    Morning all What csr flag are people running for day to day usage? Once everything is updated what are people changing the flag to? Thanks Matt
  5. matt77303

    Magic Mouse and 10.9.3 update

    Hi guys Since doing the 10.9.3 update the other day I've noticed my magic mouse is a bit 'skitty', jumpy and sometimes the curser moves slowly but not for long. 99.9% certain it was ok before, I've tried removing the mouse from BT properties and reinstalling. but seems the same. Any...
  6. matt77303

    Advice before i click buy

    After giving up on getting my Toshiba laptop running osx, ive decided to build a system. Below is what ive picked based on advice on here, is there anything im missing? apart from a ssd cus ive got one here. or is there something that's not gonna work? Thanks Matt
  7. matt77303

    Toshiba L670-1DG Stuck on 'system uptime in nanoseconds'

    Hi guys Trying to get Mavericks installed on my laptop. I created a unibeast usb stick with the mavericks install from the app store, in unibeast i made sure i selected 'Laptop Support'. Ive enabled acpi in the bios and made sure USB is the first boot device, everything else was set to...
  8. matt77303

    Stuck new user

    Hi I want to try and install snow lepard on my toshiba laptop. Its a satallite L670-1DG It has a intel i5 CPU 4GB RAM ATI HD Radeon 5650 More specs can be given if it helps. Ive checked my bios is set up right and it seems to be. Ive booted up iBoot and then put in my osx disc, when the...