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  1. appleiscool

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    thanks for your advice. probably have tested at least a half dozen times clean fresh new install (clover, and test installs using other peoples opencore ) since around april 2022 to about now june 2022. # tip : for faster "usb installer" use external usb3 hdd (100MB/sec v usb2/3 flash memory...
  2. tfloyd

    About to try to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra (again). Have a few questions.

    So the fresh install was pretty straightforward and worked the best. The upgrade was a pain in the arse. If I was a more adept Hackintosh'r I probably could have figured out the reboot loop that stalled the direct upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra. But whatever. All that said, this'll...
  3. tfloyd

    About to try to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra (again). Have a few questions.

    Thanks, Jamesbond. I didn't consider needing to update my clover to a recent version. The High Sierra installation guide said to update clover to v4173+ so I went and only updated to v4200 to play it safe, ya know. I think earlier this week I tried updating to the most recent Clover version I...
  4. tfloyd

    About to try to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra (again). Have a few questions.

    Hi All, So, I tried to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra last night and failed. I followed the instructions here: Things seemed to be going smoothly until I reached the point where the installer needed to reboot...
  5. vikrantsingh1

    HP Pavilion 15 dk0xxx Mojave stuck at verbose

    please send me your files. i have same laptop but stuck on no nvram issue
  6. djlild7hina

    Asus X299 - Support

    I wonder if this is an issue with rampage boards? I swear I had macOS working fine for a while though. I don't know why it decided to crap out all of the sudden. My 960 EVO can install fine but my 970 EVO and EVO plus just locks up then reboots... I used to have it installed on my 970 EVO...
  7. Loloflatsix

    Asus X299 - Support

    I two words : just stuck , since three weeks ( too) - I inadvertently clear cmos on rear io when I inserted a USB stick :O - Then the problems started : no more able to use my Mojave SSD (I can only use a High Sierra SSD backup from Time Machine). - Flashed the two bioses 0702 and adjusted the...
  8. inminorchords

    Swopping from Nvidia 1080Ti back to Onboard Intel HD 630

    Hi guys. Im currently running a Hackintosh with no issues using an Nvidia 1080ti GPU. As you know, due to Nvidia not issuing driver updates I am stuck on High Sierra and I am very keen on updating to the later OSX. I will be selling my Nvidia card and in the meantime hope to make use of my...
  9. tttony

    [SOLVED] Help needed! Cannot boot to seperate (clover) partitions after OpenCore Install

    Problem solved. OpenCore "destroyed" the UEFI boot entries (checked with > bcfg boot dump at UEFI shell). Removing wrong entries didn't fix it, but CMOS reset fixed my problem.
  10. tttony

    [SOLVED] Help needed! Cannot boot to seperate (clover) partitions after OpenCore Install

    I have a working HighSierra-Clover-Setup running on a NVME-Drive. I installed Big Sur via OpenCore (USB-Stick) to a separate SSD Drive. During installation process -> reboot loop. I removed the USB-Stick and the separate SSD. Now I'm not able to Clover-Boot my old High-Sierra-Partition. Clover...
  11. slim.jim

    CUDA in 10.13.6 with GTX770?

    1. That list is very incomplete because it is only showing the cards that officially shipped in a real Mac. 2. Sounds like you do not have working NVRAM which is why setting the web driver is not sticking. 3. You card does not support ECC... so that tab is correct.
  12. JazzyJ2020

    CUDA in 10.13.6 with GTX770?

    I'd like to get CUDA running in High Sierra. I'm running 10.13.6 (17G14019) with a GTX770 If I install CUDA 418.105 I get the now infamous 'Update Required' loop......where you install the (418.163) update and then get 'Update Required' and 'No Newer CUDA driver available........ My hope is/was...
  13. sannyd

    [Guide] HP Elite 8300 & 6300 Pro (all form factors) using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    I'm in this weird boot loop in Step 1. I choose "install macOS Catalina" and it gets half way and says error (macOS page with the different languages) then, it says click to restart again. goes halfway on the progress above, then goes back here again. I have tried to do the USB Installer twice...
  14. hackintoshz

    [SUCCESS] Old Hack, New Tricks II - Upgrading My GA-Z77X-UP5 TH System to Catalina

    @mickelsn: Please, can you upload/share your EFI folder?
  15. Atrain01us

    Upgrade From High Sierra To Mojave Install/Boot Loop Problem

    Hi all, While waiting on my latest try at finding a video card that will drive 2 screens and supports Mojave, I decided to try upgrading from High Sierra to Mojave. I followed the upgrade/install instructions found elsewhere on this website(the os software seemed to install and reboot as...
  16. vinz2ice

    Stuck in installation loop

    I'm struggling to install Catalina as I always get back to the 15 min remaining time .. I first tried installing it on a separate volume on the same ssd where I have High-Sierra installed and continuing failures made me try erasing it to only have Catalina on, but nothing changed..At first it...
  17. MrColitza13

    << Solved >> AMD R9 280X - HDMI does not working

    [SOLVED] I don't know why but if I use Lilu.kext i get Restart loop. So i don't have Lilu.kext or WhateverGreen.kext in my clover folder. How I fixed my Graphics: 1. Set CsrActiveConfig to 0x67 2. Copied Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext to /Library/Extensions 3. Fixed Permissions: sudo chmod -R...
  18. tinkertwain

    High Sierra SMB maze and how I got out of it (TLDR).

    Although started as a curiosity and hobby, I have been using my desktop with High Sierra as a primary machine for over three years now. Each time, I typically patch this machine a month after it is released by Apple. And, each time I do this, I make sure to also update clover. The machine has...
  19. tedyun

    [SUCCESS] Opus i9 Build: Gigabyte Gaming X Z390 - i9-9900K - Radeon RX 6900 XT Ultimate

    tedyun's Opus i9 Build: Gigabyte Gaming X Z390 - i9-9900K - Radeon RX 6900 XT Ultimate Components Gigabyte Gaming X Z390 Motherboard Intel i9-9900K Coffee Lake Processor...
  20. stupidshat2020

    [Solved] Reboot loop with "Attempting system restart" after High Sierra upgrade finished

    This is exacttly what happened to me ... First i installed High Sierra from the scratch but my USB and sound was not working. Did all updates and still got the problems. So i reainstalled the whole system. Now USb and sound worked, but after i did he 10.13 -> 10.13.6 update i am stuck in the...