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  1. shakra2005

    ATI X1550 High Sierra

    Hi Guys, can anyone help me to install my ATI X1550 on High Sierra The ID of The Card is 7183 Thanks
  2. shakra2005

    High Sierra Dell Precision T5810

    High Guys, i need help to install high sierra on a Dell Precision T5810 CPU Intel XEON E5-1620 Chipsatz Intel C612 Haswell Grafik Nvidia NVS 310 It hangs at RTC: Only single bank RAM (128 bytes) Can Anyone Help
  3. shakra2005

    Samsung Series 7 GT650m DSDT

    Hi, i have two DTDT Files. with the DSDT_2 runs my nvidia as GTX650 but not all USB Ports with the DSDT runs all USB Ports but the Nvidia shows as Nvidia Chip with 0 MB I have copied the Nvidia Section of the DSDT_2 to DSDT but the nvidia card not work. The Notebook is a Samsung...