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  1. Shelby

    Success Guide Yosemite 10.10.1 Clover UEFI Guide - Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H

    Great guide, thanks for putting the time into this, and making this possible for us. Installed as easily if not more so than Chimera, you rock Baja-King!
  2. Shelby

    Clean Lion Install No Sleep & Other Minor Issues

    Okay I also tried using the Snow Leopard Kext I had from that installation. Still no sleep?
  3. Shelby

    Clean Lion Install No Sleep & Other Minor Issues

    I've done a fresh install using Unibeast and a USB Drive, by far the easiest and quickest install I've ever done. The install included the DSDT from the database and Multibeast. I did the fresh install because I upgraded my SSD Drive to a Crucial M4 I'm having some trouble getting my computer...
  4. Shelby

    Cmos Checksum Error - After Lion Install

    @gpfieffer Where did you get the AppleRTC kext? I'm glad this worked for you guys, does autosleep work for you as well?
  5. Shelby

    Cmos Checksum Error - After Lion Install

    Okay I found this on another thread for those of you who are interested: ... 992&st=360 Here's the thread I found it on: viewtopic.php?f=169&t=25565 Apparently this problem has something to do with the AppleRTC kext and sleep. With mine whenever I...
  6. Shelby

    Cmos Checksum Error - After Lion Install

    Thanks Manfredo, Would you mind re-posting once you've completed this and letting me know how it went? -Shelby
  7. Shelby

    Cmos Checksum Error - After Lion Install

    So after installing Lion I got this error on a number of boots, after I select "Last Known Good Configuration" it starts up fine. It seems to only throw this error when I change something on my system such as installing the LegacyHDARollback Kext or changing my boot volume's name. Is this...
  8. Shelby

    Boot Drive Hidden In Finder - Solution?

    Ended up finding the boot drive and being able to reload it. Solution - Searching in Spotlight and once found dragging the shortcut to the left side of finder.
  9. Shelby

    Facetime Error?

    Everytime I try to use Facetime I get this error: Does anyone have a fix? I've read that some certificate is bad and needs to be deleted but I don't have that particular certificate. Thanks, Shelby
  10. Shelby

    Boot Drive Hidden In Finder - Solution?

    After loading Lion my boot drive is hidden in finder, does anyone have a solution for this? Also how do you change the name of your boot drive from "Snow Leopard" to "Lion". Thanks, Shelby
  11. Shelby

    Cant make a new partition

    I used the USB method and it worked fine, for those looking to do this: 1. You need a 8 GB USB stick 2. Format said stick to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 3. Run Xmove and select this drive as the installer location 4. When you reboot select this drive in Chameleon 5. Follow the rest of Tonymac's...
  12. Shelby

    Cant make a new partition

    I have the same problem, running an SSD and get the same error. I theoretically should have enough space by 3gb but it won't let me. I used disk utility to check the drive and had errors, I did repair but I think the errors come back on reboot. No problems repairing through disk utility though.
  13. Shelby

    App Store Not Allowing me to Purchase Lion after logging In

    You may need to do a couple things. 1. Run Multibeast and change the system definitions under Mac Pro to MacPro 3,1. 2. Run Multibeast System Utilities, rebuild caches and repair permissions. 3. Download the latest Multibeast and update your Bootloader to Chimera v1.4.1 r877 - (this is the step...
  14. Shelby

    Tried everything.. Still no app store...

    It won't let you login to the app store or it won't let you download Lion? I was having trouble downloading Lion until I updated Chameleon with the latest Multibeast.
  15. Shelby


    I believe this forum only supports Intel installs with a retail disc.
  16. Shelby

    Stork 1st Hackintosh - GA-P55M-UD2 & TonyMacX86Basic System

    Thanks for your input Stork. As of now I'm using my old Macbook to run Plex with my TV and streaming from my hack. My hack has been awesome in this regard as adding an internal hard drive is really easy, ripping is fast and no loss on streaming. For ripping DVD's I've been using Makemkv which...
  17. Shelby

    Stork 1st Hackintosh - GA-P55M-UD2 & TonyMacX86Basic System

    Nice write up Stork. I have just found the pleasure of Plex and am wondering what you use to convert your movies? What settings look and work best etc... Thanks, Shelby
  18. Shelby

    h.264 Quicktime performance

    Not exactly an answer but have you checked out Plex at It's a great way to play movies and digitize your DVD collection with cover art included. Another great MKV converter is MakeMKV.
  19. Shelby

    [LOCKED] Guide - New ATI Kexts from iMac 10.6.7 - 5XXX/6XXX

    Re: Guide - New ATI Kexts from MBP 10.6.7 Update - 5XXX/6XXX Just updated my system and everything works except the DVD player. Small price to pay for additional ports ;) Thanks Notshy!!!
  20. Shelby

    non-apple mac keyboards

    Here's the one I have: ... 2c5847d9a5 It's a DSI with Cherry Brown switches.