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  1. kevpatts

    Has anyone tried a Hackintosh INSIDE a 21.5" iMac before?

    I've been given a broken iMac 2011 21.5". Thinking of combining my habits of SFF and Hackintosh and trying to build a proper Hackintosh inside the iMac. I've seen some do it with the 27" version, but that's easy! Looking to re-use the screen (using this), get a thin mini-its board (link), an...
  2. kevpatts

    Best mini-ITX board with Thunderbolt?

    Looking to build a SFFPC Hackintosh with integrated graphics, wifi, bluetooth and Thunderbolt. Any suggestions on the best board to use that someone has a successful build with? I can't seem to find a guide for this.
  3. kevpatts

    Ditch GTX 650 (constant video corruption). What card to buy?

    Can't get past video corruption on my GTX 650 after upgrading to Mojave. Need Mojave to support a new camera. What replacement card would you guys recommend? Cheaper is better but stable is a must.
  4. kevpatts

    Alternative USB audio solution to bypass update problems

    Hey all, I'm sick of all these audio problems after OS updates! I created a Hackintosh for a friend of a friend and having a lot of problems every time he updates and difficult to resolve over a remote session. I was thinking of recommending that he just buy one of these...
  5. kevpatts

    HDMI out to Displayport monitor not working (Z87-HD3)

    Hey all, I have a Gigabyte Z87-HD3 using onboard graphics from my i7 4770k. I was using 2 monitors for ages with HDMI and DVI working fine. I recently upgraded my monitors to Dell U2414M monitors that don't have a HDMI in, so I got a HDMI to Displayport cable. I'm using the same outputs from...
  6. kevpatts

    Prevent a disk from mounting at/after boot

    How come this doesn't work on a Hackintosh? I suspect it's because Chimera mounts all partitions before the OS loads so that it can look for other OS's? Kev