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  1. Unklemac2

    Advice on video rendering

    There are several threads, but this is the latest: I heard that 4 vs 6 cores is not thaaaaat much difference. So unless you make money (more then enough) doing what...
  2. Unklemac2

    Gigabyte Gtx 670, ga-z77x-up5-th, After Effects Cs5.5 freezes shortly after running

    I have similar experience with AE / Premier CS6 and Final Cut Pro (10.0.7). Searched far and wide, and those that have the same problem, didnt get it solved here. Nobody really cares for this problem, and there is no solution. I suggest you wait for 10.8.3 and see if GTX 670 gets better...
  3. Unklemac2

    How to undo OpenCL patch?

    Not sure if it helped the OP, but when I try to do this (since I also need to revert, and I have to much stuff for a full reinstall)... it says in the screenshot: Not sure what to do! or what to remove to get this away ?
  4. Unklemac2

    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    Have you tried to do effects (try a few, like Sepia and Film Grain) on the project and see if it will render anything beyond 10-15 min Full HD footage, without Console reporting Open GL errors ? If you do not get any errors and eminently crash/system crash, then please let us know what version...
  5. Unklemac2

    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    I have the 670 GTX and can confirm that console is reporting OPEN GL crash in FCP X, with the newest Nvidia ( driver and CUDA installed (which has nothing to do with Apple). Would really really like a solution to this crash problem, since the background render is the app-killer...
  6. Unklemac2

    z68xp-ud3, USB 3.0 gives kernel panic

    Anyone ?
  7. Unklemac2

    z68xp-ud3, USB 3.0 gives kernel panic

    Hello fellow Hackintosh users. After failed attempts with PXHCD.kext method (it didn't recognise my Camera) I tried the new 5.1 Multibeast, and installed the 3.0 USB third party kexts (seemed to be compatible with EJ168). Rebooted fine, and it did see a Super Speed USB. Connected my camera...
  8. Unklemac2

    GA-Z68AP-D3 USB 3.0 Etron EJ168 which kext do you use?

    I am in the same situation with the Etron EJ168 - USB 3.0 chip. Been searching and tried several modified kexts with no luck in 10.8.2 (pxchd, modified multibeast drivers) Hopefully someone with better knowledge will guide us.